Tutorials from the RPG forum #2

This is a compilation of some recent guides posted by the community members in the RPG forum.

How to make simple lakes
fabio_m posted a tutorial on how to make simple lakes here: http://www.trackmania-rpg.com/227-how-to-make-simple-lakes.html

How to make a locator
Trunks wrote a detailed guide on how to make a locator, essential to RPG mappers. Read it here: http://www.trackmania-rpg.com/231-mediatracker-how-to-made-a-locator.html.

How to add multiple soundtracks
Igntul wrote a guide on how to add multiple soundtracks, useful for long RPG's. Check it out here: http://www.trackmania-rpg.com/247-multiple-soundtracks.html.

Advanced EditorMixing
Eie has written a guide on how to do various hacks in the editor (editormixing): http://www.trackmania-rpg.com/263-advanced-editormixing.html.


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