Kacklappen RPG CUP


Yeah, another cup, but this one will be different and You can win big prices.

  • Monday to Friday, each day 1 map (24h), alltogether 5 maps
  • best 5 players of each map are in finals.
  • so we have 25 finalists.
  • weekend is the final, on 2 maps, each 10-22.00 cet.
  • all qualifiying maps will be about medium +-
  • final maps will be harder

So if You want to get in final, You will just have to get in the top at one day between monday to friday.
If You don´t make it in finals on (for example monday) You may still try on the other days. So You have 5 days max. to qualify for final.
If a player has qualified on monday and he also qualifies on tuesday that will be ignored. Only one qualify/player.

  • Nov. 15th-21th 2010

  • 5 qualifying maps
  • 2 final maps
  • length: between 7 and 12 min estimated 1st dedi (or depending on driver 12-15 min. authortime), but we will se what the trackbuilders do.

The tracks are new tracks. And not published on TMX or anywhere else.

  • Nom² - final map ( - qualify map)
  • Disgo - qualify map
  • Igntul - final map ( - qualify map)
  • Moi - qualify map
  • Dope - qualify map
  • Popgun - qualify map
  • Trunks - qualify map
  • Clem - qualify map
  • Foxi - qualify map
  • Retsamniarb - qualify map

Best fitting tracks of the builded are in the cup, we will see.

Every trackbuilder with a track in this cup with a TMU account will receive 3.000 coppers!

The trackbuilder may not qualify on his own track! But the trackbuilder is allowed to drive in finals on his own track. The advantage will disapear after a while.

  • 1 new TMU account / or maybe a Trackmania 2 account (game) when there will be some more information about price/release
  • 1 TM-Gameserver for 6 months (no matter what ranking up to 90k)
  • 1 Teamspeak 2 server for 6 months (sorry Teamspeak 3 is not so easy to give, even with a rootserver - there are licences needed)
  • 45.000 coppers (25.000, 15.000, 5.000)
  • Every finalist with a TMU account will receive a "Kacklappen Winner Tag" like this:
The 1st winner may choose a price of all prices. The 2nd winner may choose a price of the rest. The 3rd winner may choose a price of the rest......
So no one wins something he might already has (except maybe the last winners)

  • For the time of the cup we will use Kacklappen RPG XXL server and rename it to Kacklappen RPG CUP server and it will get for this period a brand new database to check the local records via xaseco.
  • For spectators we will do a relay-server (a server where You can join as spectator and the players wont see You or Your chat)
  • We also try to get the server stream running for this period of time
  • The max. players on this server will be 40. If more slots will be needed we will have a spare server with same database and it will be switched on in time.

  • Every player just may qualify one time for the final
  • No account sharig allowed
  • Winner of coppers must have a TMU account, no transfer to other account
  • Every player who plays for prices has to be registered here
  • ...we will think about other rulez

  • Any help is welcome
  • Writers for forums, like nadeo, tmx, tm-creative, slidestar...
  • Moviemakers for maniazone, Youtube, TM Tube...
  • Referee-Admins as spectators help watching the cup. for example kicking idiots who wanna disturb the cup, or explain rules, help players to find this site, and so on...
So any feedbacks, help, ideas, suggestions, critics or trackbuilding offers here or contact me via:
email: alex@crew-delux.de
ICQ: 339519624

Update 1 - 23.10.2010
Date for the Cup: Nov. 15th - 21th. 2010

The cup will be on 2 Servers with identical database: 2x 40 player slots - 2x 100 spectator slots (details and serveraccounts will come soon)
  • Monday, Nov. 15th - Open qualifying - Map A - 0-24h cet. ---> Top 5 players are in semi finals
  • Tuesday, Nov. 16th - Open qualifying - Map B - 0-24h cet. ---> Top 5 players are in semi finals
  • Wednesday, Nov. 17th - Open qualifying - Map C - 0-24h cet. ---> Top 5 players are in semi finals
  • Thursday, Nov. 18th - Open qualifying - Map D - 0-24h cet. ---> Top 5 players are in semi finals
  • Friday, Nov. 19th - Open qualifying - Map E - 0-24h cet. ---> Top 5 players are in semi finals
Only one qualify/player - More qualify will be ignored

Finalists will receive the password for the server here in a separate Private-Message, only for finalists.
This password may not given to others!

  • Saturday, Nov. 20th - semi finals day 1 - 10-22h cet. - 25 players - passwordsafed server - spectators on relay server
  • Sunday, Nov. 21th - semi finals day 2 - 10-22h cet. - 25 players - passwordsafed server - spectator on relay server

Finalists get points depending on their rank. The player with the most points won.

If anyone of the 25 finalists can´t play in finals, the next (26th) player is in final, and so on.

Cup admins:
  • Big Al
  • Lucker
  • Tabasco

If anyone of the cup-admins should drive - this will be not counted for the cup.


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