Cup RCT²


Now, after Kacklappen!
I am announcing the beginning of the comp RCT-Team !!!

RCT² Cup



* This is a contest Maps RPG!
* As of 16 January, the mappers have until Feb. 20 to make their homework! ^ ^
* The maps will be sent here with their replay mail:
* The maps will be made between 8 min and 12 min for a confirmed player
* The maps will be new. And unpublished TMX or anywhere else.
* The maps will be tested and judged by a jury composed of members of the team RCT "RPG section." They will be graded out of 100
- Cp, SPOT / 50
- DECO, MOD / 20

1st prize: 30000 + coppers tag gold
2nd prize: 15000 + coppers tag silver
3rd prize: 10000 + coppers tag bronze
T 4th prize: 7500 bronze coppers + tag
The 5th prize: 5000 bronze coppers + tag
* Based on the notes, the first 5 maps will be selected for the rest of the competition!!

* The competition will close the RCTrack February 20 at 18:00


* The second part will be a comp on the top 5 RPG maps selected before!
* The maps will be played Friday 18:00 (GMT +1) to Sunday 18h (= 48), every weekend = 1 map,
* The No. 5 for the 1st week
* The No. 4 for the 2nd week
* ... ... ...
* The No. 1 for the fifth week will be the final!

* Top 5 players of each phase maps will be final.
* A mappers can not qualify on his map!
* So if you want to enter the final, you'll just call you a few weeks of the competition.
* The player called the 1st week will not be counted for the other week, of course!

The price of the final are:
1st prize: 20000 + coppers tag gold
2nd prize: 10000 + coppers tag silver
3rd prize: 5000 bronze coppers + tag
The 4th prize: 3500 bronze coppers + tag
5th prize: 1500 Coopers Bronze + tag
From 6th to 10th prize: tag bronze


* The competition will take place from the RCTime February 25 (18:00 )to March 27 (18:00)
25/02/11 at 18h: map # 5
4/03/11 at 18h: map # 4
11/03/11 at 18h: map # 3
18/03/11 at 18h: map # 2
25/03/11 at 18h: map # 1 map final

Server (s):

* For the period of the competition, we will use "rct compete Server" (1 or 2 serv).

* Winners coppers’ TMU must have an account, no transfers on behalf of other players will be made.
* Every player who plays for the price should be recorded here rct² :: REGISTRATION RCT²
* The RCTs’players will participate in the RCTime but will not return in the ranking and price! Just for Fun! ^ ^
Your servant !!



Wouter said...

Aww! I want to see more blockmixing news or map reviews! WHY THESE STUPID COMPETITIONS WHERE ILL NEVER COMPETE IN!!!

Pål / Tecfan said...


Wouter said...

I know, but the forum isnt that active so...

basket jordan said...

Je suis actuellement ce qui signifie que ravis de vous aurez certainement. Tout simplement le manuel d'instruction de type qui devrait être naturellement et jamais en général les questions battage en d'autres termes autour des sites encore. Soyez reconnaissants pour son propre exprimant impliquant le plus sûr du fichier.

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