BNC RPG Week #2 starts today !



Hello RPG drivers !
The BNC Cup starts today at 21h and the competition takes place until the 20th November for those who could have missed it !
You can register on this thread at any time and find more information here !
Good luck to everybody and have fun !

Joinlink of the server : tmtp://#join=xfu-oiram456
Add Favourite Link : tmtp://#addfavourite=xfu-oiram456


Anonymous said...

good luck

Fantasy-Bestiarium said...

Key to Fantasy

Fantasy Bestiarium Welcome !

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RPG Games said...

i'm still considering buying d3 lol I mean what I'm I gonna do about WoW then, already payed 1 year subsc. :(((

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oyun oyna said...

look like a nice game campaign

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