The Big Road Challenge


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More Information :
Hi all, let me present you The Big Roag Challenge, a RoundRace on the crazy map from n0xx : The Hiatus Dawn
one round for Fun the june 23th at 21H00 gmt
login server : tafdirt1

tmx link
The track have to be open with tm unlimiter.If you don't open Tm with TmUnlimiter, you can't play the track !
Copy all files from the archive in Program files/TmUnitedForever
And then start the game using TMUnlimiter.exe

The Big Road Challenge forum

Prize Table : (thx team TAF / team ACT / bzh-Jéjé / Killevil / esu-Jerem for donation)
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Anonymous said...

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ggww2s said...

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