¬вш〆 Racing Tournament starts today !

Hello everybody

The ¬вш〆 Racing Tournament is starting today for 6 weeks of competition ! The server is opening at 18h00.

Add favorite/ Join link : tmtp://#addfavourite=4f-cup

There will be 2 cups in this Tournament. The first and the one with the higher prizes is at weekends and the other one is in the week. It is too late to register for the tournament at weekends, but everybody can compete in the week.

Tournament in the week

This Tournament is a normal server rank battle. Everyone can participate, you don't need to register. In the weeks (Sunday 16h - Friday 18h), there will be 2 maps on the server. Try to get the best time on each map to get a better average in the end. In the 2nd week the first 2 maps will be taken from the server and 2 others will be added. And so on until the last week, after this the averages will be summed to one. 

Tournament at weekends 

Only registered players can compete here. It is starting with the Group Phase, that means they will be set into a group with 3 others. So 4 players per group. At each weekend, there will be one map on the cup server, that can be played from Friday 18h to Sunday 16h. Each participant will only have one opponent out of his group at each weekend. If you drive a better time than your opponent, you will get 3 points in your group, if he wins you won't get any point. If you drive the same time.. you won't drive the same time, but if you both don't drive, you both won't get any points too.
After 3 weeks everybody will have challenged all their group insiders. The two with the highest points of each group will get into the K.O. - Round. All players who made it into this Round play on one map, again the weekend (times are not certain yet). 

The 8 best players, depending on the K.O. - Round time, will get into the Quarter- Final, which also means that they are in the prize ranks. In the Quarterfinal you will play in Rounds against one of the other quarter - finalists. How many rounds aren't certain too yet. All 4 duels will be hold at weekend, but at different, arranged times. After this the winners of each group will play in the Semifinal and the losers will play for rank 5.-8.
In the Semifinal you play again in Rounds against your opponent and in the Duels for rank 5.-8. too.
After this, the Final is upcoming and also the duels for rank 3, 5 and 7. In the Final and in the other duels the system of the Quarter - and Semifinal will be kept. How many rounds are played in the finals will be announced before on the forum.

Race Dates

09. - 11. November: Group Match 1
11. - 16. November: 2 maps on the server for Average cup
16. - 18. November: Group Match 2
18. - 23. November: 2 maps on the server for Average cup
23. - 25. November: Group Match 3
25. - 30. November: 2 maps on the server for Average cup
30. - 02. December: K.O. - Round
02. - 07. December: 2 maps on the server for Average cup
07. - 09. December: Quarter - Final
09. - 14. December: 2 maps on the server for Average cup
14. - 16. December: Semifinal
16. - 21. December: 1 map on the server for Average cup
21. - 23. December: Final

The Tracks

All the tracks are new and are the tracks that competed for the ¬вш〆 Building Tournament which took place some months ago.

Prizes for the Tournament at weekends

01...10€ paysafecard
........55.000 Coppers
........¬вш〆 Racing Tournament Gold-Tag

02...A Steam-Game for up to 5€
........40.000 Coppers
........¬вш〆 Racing Tournament Silver-Tag

03...'The Secret behind Domnann'
........25.000 Coppers
.......¬вш〆 Racing Tournament Bronze-Tag

04...17.500 Coppers
........¬вш〆 Racing Tournament Bronze-Tag

05...13.500 Coppers
........¬вш〆 Racing Tournament Bronze-Tag

06...10.000 Coppers
........¬вш〆 Racing Tournament Bronze-Tag

07...6.500 Coppers
........¬вш〆 Racing Tournament Bronze-Tag

08...5.000 Coppers
........¬вш〆 Racing Tournament Bronze-Tag

Amount of Coppers for the Racing Tournament: 172.500 + 19.000 spent in Tags (= 191.500 Coppers)

Prizes for the Tournament in the week

01... 20.000 Coppers
........¬вш〆 Racing Tournament Gold-Tag

02... 12.500 Coppers
........¬вш〆 Racing Tournament Silver-Tag

03... 7.500 Coppers
........¬вш〆 Racing Tournament Bronze-Tag

04... 5.000 Coppers
........¬вш〆 Racing Tournament Bronze-Tag

05... 3.500 Coppers
........¬вш〆 Racing Tournament Bronze-Tag

Note : prizes may change but they won't lower. 

Good luck and have fun ! 


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