iGn Cup starts today !

Hello everybody !

Get ready for the first iGn-Cup !

The contest will only feature one map which is RPG Vienna Morloch by holzbalken.
The cup will last for one week, from the 15th to the 23rd of June. It will be divided into a qualification time in Time-Attack mode (one week) and the final on Sunday, the 23rd of June in Rounds mode. Top 20 Local Records will qualify for the final. No registration is needed to participate ! :)

The system of the final will be the following:

- 3 rounds-races overall
- after the first round, the worst 5 players will be eliminated -> 15 players in second round
- after the second round, the worst 5 players will be eliminated -> 10 players in third round
- The third round will define the places from 1st to 10th

Timetable :
Saturday, 15th of June, 19:00 CEST : qualification starts
Sunday, 23rd of June, 15:00 CEST : qualificaion ends
Sunday, 23rd of June, 16:00 CEST : final starts


1st Place : Gold Tag + 30k Coppers

2nd Place : Gold Tag + 20k Coppers
3rd Place : Gold Tag + 10k Coppers

4th Place : Silver Tag + 5k Coppers
5th Place : Silver Tag + 3k Coppers
6th to 10th Place : Silver Tag
11th to 20th Place : Bronze Tag

1st local after qualifications : Gold Tag
2nd local after qualifications : Silver Tag
3rd local after qualifications : Bronze Tag

Have fun !


mightystudent.com said...

I am praying for the days to make faster because I am excited for this event. It'll be definitely a fun-filled activity for all of us.

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