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error1.3 said...

am, I don't know how to edit a post yet so if another admin would change the link to FunPark|RPG server, it's "tmtp://#join=fprpg" now.

HawkGer said...

fixed it ;)

Anonymous said...

es heisst EL und nich 3A :D:D
das A ist altgriechisch und heisst L

mfg Enigma

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Olymptor
Thx a lot to add my serv on the list
"Phanlacies RPG" bad name
The name is "Phantasies RPG"
If you all ask what is that it's a song ^^

steve said...

id appreciate if you could just say where we would find the server in the server browser
the launcher links don't work for me

Anonymous said...

Hi im a rpg player and creator and can u pls put my rpg here?

Anonymous said...

Link for TM Forum pls..
I search at google but i don´t know it´s the right forum...
I search a People to make a clancar..
mfg Hannes

Anonymous said...

Burde vært i skiltstørrelse og med locator. Da kan folk reklammere for dere i banene sine.

Anonymous said...

FunJunkClan - RPG Mix is missing^^
and also the Racing4all RPG^^

rtv said...

new server-MODERN RPG pls put in ;)

rtv said...

oh i forgot,tmtp:/#join=rtv_server3

Anonymous said...

could be nice to have links to WEB HOSTING.
with the ones that make DIRECT LINK (for auto-loading mod).

because for now i use "http://www.herosh.com/"

but dosen't give direct links



Anonymous said...

Can someone please change Racing Clan Austria RPG-Server from "rca002" to "winter015"? Thanks!


Pål / Tecfan said...


Anonymous said...

Hey all,
FunJunkClan - RPG Mix is down, we become a new sever in a 2-8 weeks. Can someone erase this server for the moment?

Anonymous said...

Can somon add Please "xfu-oiram456"
Its the "RPG~Its My Live" Server

Conradios said...

want to go in the server but i can't come in, he ask a password, can you tell me the problem?

Anonymous said...

Fatal error: Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO `wcf1_security_flood` (`ip`,`timestamp`) VALUES ('','1371055189')

Forum not working ???

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