FunPark RPG cup - results day #3

error1.3 posted a results post from the third and final day of the RPG cup on his forums:

The first map was Mario World by fish. In round 1, me and HawkGer had an epic battle towards the end, and we were milliseconds apart when entering the last room. But I won with 2 seconds, but there is no screenshot from this track (I think error1.3 hates me.. still no screenshots from me winning ^^.). Also, because xaseco was restarted, there is no local records or dedimania records as a proof, and the track is deleted from TMX, so nowhere to post the replay. However, we do have a screenshot from the awesome time Hawk did on round 2:

if only it was readable.

Standings after the round 1:

Because something went wrong when added the loc-updated version of Mykérinos, we had to play Giza first. Hawk dominated both rounds, and drove fast as always.

Round 1:

Round 2:

Standings after 2 rounds:

Error1.3 had to restart the server to get Mykérinos working, so the points were reset. HawkGer drove a nearly flawless run, and took a new world record in round 1: 11:23.73. The second round on Mykérinos, where Hawk had already won, was extremely humorous, and the best time was over 20 minutes.

Round 1:

Round 2:


The results from the final:

Error1.3 has promised us a second RPG cup in a few months, so we are looking forward to that. I'll take the screenshots myself next time though ^^.


Anonymous said...

Great even tecfan think I hate him now :(
I sayd I was sorry :(
never done somthing as big as this :(
and I promise that I wount be in the next CUP :(


Pål / Tecfan said...

I hope you noticed my smileys error ;)

Anonymous said...

sorry but I realy fucked up :(
I'm a total FAILURE.
anyway... Uninstaling the game right now... last time I did that only lasted 3days so... we will se what future brings...
oh yeah... and it's error1.3... not Error1.3 :)


Kyrw said...

épic fail

tstargermany said...

epic rage deinstall ?

Kryw said...

épic fail and épic rage ^^

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