RPG for beginners: booster drifting

This tutorial will help you overcome one of the most common obstacles in RPG: backwards boosters. This method works on both kind of boosters: flat and angled.

Occam has made a video tutorial on how to do this (the explanations are in the annotations, so if you watch the video on youtube.com, be sure not to have de-activated annotations)

Enai Siaion made this description and picture to explain booster drifting:

"You have to 'tack' against them (hold down the gas and the brake to do a burnout, and do 'half donuts' from left to right across the boosters)."

To master this (which is not difficult at all), I suggest you practice on the ground first. Try to drift first left, and then right, 180 degrees at the time. If you can only drift in one direction, and not the other, it is because your keyboard has some limitations. Then you need to bind a second button as brake. To do this, in Trackmania, go to "Profile", and then "Inputs".

Find "Brake", and just press the line. You are now given the option to add another key for brake. To set "W" as your second brake key, just press it. You will now have two buttons for brake, like I have in the screenshot: Arrow_up and W.

To drift now, press these buttons: Arrow_up, W and either arrow_left or arrow_right.

Any questions? Just ask.


Kryw said...

go Forward Drift :D

HawkGer said...

hehe, RPG-training A8 and A9 ftw ! :D

Anonymous said...

How do forward drift?
-MfG-Big Al

Anonymous said...

Ow so thats why i cant drift left/right

Ty for this nice tip. Its my keyboard =)

Anonymous said...

thanks it worked for me


Anonymous said...

Thanks! But is there any way to remove the limitations of the keybord? =)

Anonymous said...

how can i drift to the left
i can drift to the right

Pål / Tecfan said...

actually read the article please.

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