The Day After, by fish, Stromek and HardDance

Yesterday, 19th October, fish, Stromek and Harddance released their trio project "The Day After" on the "RPG Community" TMX account. You are driving around on the surface after a huge nuclear explosion on the earth, where you will find different tools to help you. fish and Stromek made this original mod, and Stromek did the MT work. The track is, as you would expect, not filled up with overused tricks and paths, but with many interesting jumps and routes. It's very challenging to drive, but still easy to find out where to go. The atmosphere created by the grunge mod fits perfectly. I recommend you play this track asap.

TMX ID: 1903220
Difficulty: Hard
AT: 25:42.15
First-time length: 60-120 minutes

Here's a video from the premiere day. HawkGer was the first person to set an online time under 20 minutes. The music is Le Silo, which I of course recommend highly ^^.

And an FF GPS video:


Chazu said...

I can't see the vid :(

Pål / Tecfan said...

What's the error?

Anonymous said...

Incredible FF replay!

Nice map!

-|MfG|-Big Al

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