FunPark RPG cup #2

error1.3 and >Y< is hosting the second FunPark RPG cup between 13th and 15th November. As the last time, everybody is free to join. Here's some info from error1.3's forum:

It will be a 3 day event, 13. 14. and 15. November 2009. It will start at 19:00 CET (18:00 UTC) everyday, we moved start time back becouse of Sunday, some of people have work or school next day and they want/need to go to bed early. First two days we expect around 2h-3h for CUP, on last day even up to 4h.

Event will take place on our server in sweden. server will be called FunPark|RPG CUP#2 (FunPark|RPG CUP#2 whit colors). Train server (whit the same name) will be online from 1. November so everybudy can go and train.

How will we play?
We will play on mode CUP, 2 rounds on every track, finish time out will be set to 10min so after the first player reches finish others will have 10min to finish, after 2 ronds we will go to next track. But before we start a new track there will be a 10min break, in that time you can go eat, toilete, etc etc etc. On end of all there tracks ScreenShots of points will be taken. On end of all there days, we will cont the points and the first persone will recive coppers.
The foloving point sistem will be use:
1. gets 20 points
2. gets 18 points
3. gets 16
4. gets 14
5. gets 12
6. gets 10
7. gets 9
8. gets 8
9. gets 7
10. gets 6
11. gets 5
12. gets 4
13. gets 3
14. gets 2
15. gets 1
16. gets 1

The last CUPs award sistem worked out realy well so we are going whit that one again. And becouse we are voluntarily club we don't have the funds needed to get/buy a realy cool prize. So winer will get what you give him, thats right, winner will get your donnated coppers, donnate coppers to our server for the winner of next FP RPG CUP! All coppers from our two servers (FunPark|RPG and CUPs train server) will be donnated to the winner.
But this time we will also show top 10 donnators, whit the resoults of CUP there will also be the resoults of top donnations.

Day One, 13. November 2009
Ex Gehenna 2 by Enai Siaion || Tenochtitlan by Fish || CameLot by Kryw

Day Two, 14. November 2009
Camateraz by Brutal || Area 51 by Fish || Project Kitchen by Stromek

Day Three, 15. November 2009
Il nome della rosa by Fish || Chemical X by HawkGer || Poseidon's Wrath by maX


Voyager006 said...

I know 5 tracks of them from before :D

now..... PRACTICE !!!

ZuLu said...

only in FunPark i can donate coppers?
or can i send them by ingame method to someone?

error1.3 said...

You can send coppers to: (server login) "fprpg" or "fptournament1". Those are your current rpg server (one is FunPark RPG and one is for RPG CUP #2).

Voyager006 said...

Is it a problem to donate coppers at these servers ? But i dunno the logins to either error1.2 and >Y< ...

Voyager006 said...

Ah nvm ^^ (edit function ftw... want it :o)

error1.3 said...

Duno if anyone still needs it but...
My login is "pcerrornerd", but soon I will buy a second UNITED CD-Key and I will play on my first account (error1.3). Y's login is "speedaddict4life".

Voyager006 said...

2 rounds on Poseidon's Wrath with 10 min free only... omg :o

error1.3 said...

maybe we will put the last day finisf-timeout to 15min, but thene it will be... 30min longer, like I sayd some ppl need/want to be in bed early becouse of school/job

Voyager006 said...

Ok then not...

btw: Well, some of the longest tracks are in the last day :P (except Project Kitchen) ^^

Voyager006 said...

I got A LOT of problems at these spots...

Area 51:

il nome della rose:

Ex Gehenna 2:

Someone who have got any tips on any of these ? :(

Pål / Tecfan said...

area 51-1: speed, no turning, luck
area 51-2: aim, luck

il nome-1: cut up to the left
il nome-2: either hit with your back wheels on the edge, or come from the right and crash towards left and have luck
il nome-3: jump far, over the loop, then turn around and jump down

gehenna-1: safe, air-brake, luck
gehenna-2: hold the brakes!
gehenna-3: skills :)

but seriously, watch some replays/GPS videos, they show you how to do it

Voyager006 said...

Well, my intention is to make the spots as safe as possible - i don't wanna spend 20 respawns on a luck spot when i can do it safely within 1-2 respawns or less ;) But still i don't get the most important thing from the replays/GPS'es - what's the most important thing to remember to do at the spots to get them with as less respawns as possible ? That's what i need to find out.

Voyager006 said...

Sry, but i can't and won't participate to either RPG rnd race 10 or RPG cup because of unluck and fuckings angry parents... Please understand, until now, no one in the wide world have understood my problems and what misery i'm living in everyday.. Seriously, i don't wanna practise 2 weeks for something that gets wrecked..

error1.3 said...

why would RR10 or fp cup #2 get "wrecked", please understand I would like to know this becouse thene we can improve the foloing cups and it realy helps us to have an open conversation whit ppl that have/will participate in our tournament ^^

Voyager006 said...

It's nothing wrong with the cup, it's sth wrong with me. I've the guy who always gets unluck, always failing and never receives what i want to..

About "wrecked" - here is an example: i practiced a lot for an RR (the 6th i think), and i could barely drive 3 minutes at Tenochtitlan before my parents shut off my computer.

So, its' nothing wrong about the cups or the races.

error1.3 said...

Well, you know... FP RPG CUPs are all about getting tugether and enjoying playing this awsome game and just be whit your RPG buddyes. Its all about FUN, thats why name FUNpark. Its not about making 1. WR time or beating best players or wining the cup, FUN is the main thing, on first cup I remeber we laught whene tec copyed text in witch Kryw sayd he uninstaled TM and we all laughed, hope we will have moments like that this time 2. so just get out there and have FUN!

ipsi said...

sorry rpg cup wont be on today because errors internet isnt working

Voyager006 said...

wut ?? o.O


error1.3 said...


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