Tracktable and RPG Archive

Today we like to announce two projects which have been in development for some time:


The tracktable is a new ambitious project with which we are trying to give an overview of all RPG tracks currently existing together with their specific properties. It currently lists 185 entries, being last updated on the 30th September '09. Also listed are all tracks from the RPG Archive, which I will explain further below.
Explore the tracktable:

RPG Archive

The RPG Archive is a project founded by HawkGer, Occam and Tecfan for the purpose of preserving RPG-trackversions. All files uploaded to this TMX-account either originate from tracks which have been updated over time or which have been deleted from TMX. As we value those tracks highly, we are happy for making them finally accessible again for RPG players to rediscover. If you have an old trackversion yourself you would like to see on this account, then please contact HawkGer so we can assess your request.
Thanks a lot to Fish for fixing the broken locators of the trackfiles :-)
Go to the RPG Archive Account here:


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