Prey and Shadow, by Enai Siaion + Atlantiss, by Fish

Prey and Shadow by Enai Siaion
A very short RPG, but the design and the ambiance is fantastic, again very much love in details. The route is quite clear and speedy with much flow. The Grande Muraille v4 mod is used for this map and looks great to this dark and scary looking track.

"The setting is a haunted monastery where the enemy has a hidden spy radio station. Find it, blow it up and get back out. But hurry - there's a thunderstorm incoming." - Enai Siaion

TMX ID: 2101483
Difficulty: Expert
AT: 3:59:85
First-time length: 10-20 minutes

World records up to date 10th Dec. 09:
Online: 3:50.50 by Drunk Racer
Offline: 3:32.21 by HardDance

GPS video:

Atlantiss by Fish
You start on the Greenpeace ship, the rainbow warrior II and begin to explore the sunken island and city Atlantis.

The map uses the Manic Miner mod, its textures and colors fit very nice to the map. It's fun to explore and nice for a time hunting also.
"It could be short and speed with difficult tricks or longer and easyer with some fun enigmas. I built it thinking about recs but not only. I did my best to offer u the optimal travel as i could where u can have a lot of fun to discover brand new places." - Fish

TMX ID: 2086013
Difficulty: Expert
AT: 8:15:15
First-time length: 20-40 minutes

World records up to date 11th Dec. 09:
Online: 6:08.56 by Kilburn
Offline: 7:45.07 by fish


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