RPG blog site update

The last few days, me and HawkGer has been updating most of the pages on the blog.

On the "Tracks overview page", Hawk has updated the table, adding most of the respectable RPG's from November till today. The table has also gotten a "GPS video" field, with a link to the GPS video on YouTube.

The "Mods" page has been updated with a couple new mods, some new links to variations of already known mods (GM Ultimate, e.g.), and "Tracks with this mod" lists has also been updated.

The "Other resources" has also been updated, with a couple of new servers added to the list.

Our sitemap has been updated, and is now an even more complete overview of everything on the blog.

And last, we've gotten a new contact form on the "contact" page. You can now send a private query to us, directly from the site.


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