3D models conversion tutorial - extending model sizes

This article is written by sol666, his second tutorial on the RPG blog. This time he explains how to "hack" Nadeo's Maxbox to create custom models larger than the standard maximum size. Understanding and reproducing this tutorial will require the possession of 3dsmax and prior knowledge of 3D modelling in TM. I made a short video to show some examples:

A short guide on how to convert 3d models bigger than Nadeo's maxbox

First of all, I assume you know how to create / import models for TM in general, so I leave this unexplained.

Step 1: import / build your model and finish it (position, size, object names, textures,...)

Step 2: place all pivots at 0,0,0 (might not be necessary, but I prefer doing that for easier downscaling / not having to move the complete model after scaling. So this might not work for moving parts although I didn't try yet). Affect pivots only!
Press the image to see a larger version.

Step 3: Reset xform to all objects of the oversized model.

Step 4: re-convert all objects into editable mesh and export the complete model to *.3ds (export might not be necessary, but I sometimes had trouble when not doing that)

Step 5: import the oversized model into a new empty scene.

Step 6: switch to pivots mode, resize all objects to fit into Nadeo's maxbox (affect object only!). I always resize each object on its own, never all together. Having placed pivots at 0,0,0 is a big advantage then. You can simply scale each object down to xx percent. better scale it much too small than a little too big ;)
Press the image to see a larger version.

Step 7: import a working 3d model (also helpful to see if the downscaled object fits into maxbox). Delete everything of it except one object. rename this object to some unused name (i always use sDummy).

Step 8: switch to vertex mode and delete everything of that new object except a vertex ( you can also leave the complete object, but that might look strange ingame ;) )

Step 9: mark all objects, switch to pivots mode and reset, transform and scale.
Press the image to see a larger version.

Step 10: export as .3ds and convert with TM (remember you need MainBody.gbx and MainBodyHigh.gbx, so you might need to do this for two models...)

That's all, hope I was able to help someone.

Cheerz, sol666 / =RR= arian sunnO)))


Anonymous said...

I want a guide for blender !!

Stromek said...

Great tutorial sol666 !
Good job guys

Kryw said...

nice articles hawkger pv me on steam pls !! :)

Anonymous said...

I want atutorial, that shows the basics and how to save the file in .3ds file with Blender 3D..
It is possible to make any tut with that?

HawkGer said...

The basics of 3D modelling in TM is a very complicated process I guess, would be too much for this blog to cover. There are already other tutorials out there...
Also, I don't know anyone who could show this in Blender and if it would even work with that program. So unless someone shows up with those skills, such a tutorial won't be likely^^

Promaxer said...

Can someone pls tell me the Program, cause i really need some 3D stuff's for my latest rpg "Brashus"underconstruction.
Thx for ur comprehension,

Anonymous said...

How come the models dont show online? Like the last scene from "Four Powers" witht he floor trap? i dont see that

Pål / Tecfan said...

you have to restart the game after they are downloaded

sol666 said...

@promaxer: the name of the program is (as written in the third sentence of the article) "3dsMax"

Arriopolis said...

I really don't get anything of this, altough I'd really like to know how to do/make/edit this kind of Trackmania-RPG-Trackmaking-stuff. Does anyone know if this is possible with a normal .dds editor, like PAINT.NET, and then using multiple layers?
I hope you guys can help me out of this problem!

sol666 said...

dds files are only textures for the 3d models. modifying them won't have any effect on the model itself. you can just change colors with those dds files, but not seize / form of the model.

Fixa said...

kde stahnu deset 3dsMax ?

Ahmad said...

Just a little hint: I got several native 3D CAD files converted here for free, wonder how long they will keep doing this?

Check here:

Anonymous said...

I Dont know if anyone here can help me.
But i have already build an 3D model with 3ds max.
I already exported it as .3ds .my only question is how can i import it to trackmania so i can put it in my track. And if it is to complicated to explain here does anyone know were to find a proper tutorial for it. (And not an tutorial for 3d CAR models)

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