New mapping technology + blockmixing tutorials

Two days ago MixD and CMC held a competition in which a new mapping technology was unveiled. With this new technology it is now possible to use the car handling of all seven environment cars in your track, no matter in which environment you build. How effective this new technology is for building Stadium RPG's with United car handling and if finally the combination of United tracks with the Stadium handling will boost United RPG's remains to be seen.
Naturally, players not in the possession of TMU cannot make use of tracks build with this technology.
Here's one example video of a Desert track with Stadium car:

It is not possible to convert existing track, that's why blank bases have to be downloaded (42 total):

Advanced Water Mixing Tutorial
Have you ever wondered how it is possible to make water re-appear after it has been replaced by a block? If you do, Stromek has posted a very helpful tutorial on the RPG Forum:

Mixing outside the Stadium
Another tutorial dealing with blockmixing has been posted by Igntul, explaining how and under which restrictions it is possible to place blocks outside the stadium:

Transforming Landscapes
GSNPaul posted a very detailed guide on how to use variations and rotations of blocks in ChallengeEdit to create Dirt-landscapes. Anyone ever wanting to enrich their RPG's with those elements should follow that guide.


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