Castle of Shadows, by Eie


Today, Eie released his new and wonderful track, Castle of Shadows. Like his other tracks, this one has some very tricky jumps and a clear route. It is in the middle age mod (1). You can play it at Pixelsport RPG.

TMX ID: 1592701
AT: 17 minutes
First-time length: from 30 to 90 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate

I have now driven this track, and it's such a blast. Everything is just so smooth. You don't need 10 minutes on one spot, you just drive along - but that doesn't mean that you don't have to think. There are many new tricks here that we haven't seen before. I think that most observant people will manage to get all CPs on the first try. Just remember, always look for rings! There are no hidden rings, but they might be hard to see if you just speed past them.

You can press these images to get a larger version


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the spotlight ^^

Guess who I_AM

HawkGer said...

Hehe, the warning about the rings is spot-on :D Everyone who was on the server that day seeing me knows what I'm talking about^^

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