Camateraz, by Brutal

Brutal just posted his new map, Camateraz on TMX. Nearly 50 players at the same time drove it on Pixelsport RPG, and the only -- it got was from an angry player who couldn't do the last jump - which is the hardest part of the track (45 players finished though, so it's not THAT hard). The track has the Inca mod by fish, and has a good flow and some nice tricks. A good RPG for beginners, and good RPG for rec hunting.

TMX ID: 1649411
Difficulty: Easy
AT: 11.40:66
First-time length: 13-30 minutes

The last room - Chamber of Darkness. You have to take 7 rings before going on the big and scary jump (which .maX here shows us how not to do:>)

.Max is again showing you how not to do it :>

An enormous thank-you to occam for these screenshots and videos:


CP1 with Karjen and Roa

Chamber of Darkness with Karjen


Roa, Tecfan and DonTomato

Roa, Tecfan and DonTomato in cam3

Full in-game round with Roa + intro + results

Here's all the people who finished on Pixelsport RPG:

And RPG unlimited


Anonymous said...

very good track, with a very bad ending
(well not bad, just impossible ...)


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed everything exept the jump ;) Thanks for your words too :)Award it on tmx if you want :)


Anonymous said...

very nice track
great job
well done !!!


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