Ex Gehenna, by Enai Siaion

Recently, Enai Siaion released his track Ex Gehenna on TMX, after numerous exciting screenshots in the RPG thread. The track features the Drack car mod, which is perfect for this urban setting. "Half RPG, half story track, this is the result of many hours of work. It is set in an alternate hellish world where you get to find the spirits of those you killed and set them free.". When you first start the track, you are given the option to either turn right and watch a fantastic intro with the whole story, or turn left and start with the race. There's also story texts ingame when you drive, to fulfill the story. It's a very impressive city, very impressive story and very impressive MT work (although I am glad that the cut-scenes now are in-game text). I highly recommend you drive this track some time soon. I've added a few screenshots, and a few videos (made by Occam)

TMX ID: 1708242
Difficulty: Intermediate
AT: 9:23.92
First-time length: 20-60 minutes

Two screens from the intro.

Some screens of the track and the scenery. This last one is from the last, epic PF jump.


Intro + ColorFX

Ex Gehenna 2 - FastForward

Ex Gehenna - MT


Anonymous said...

Excellent work this track!
Many new features!
I really wonder how You did that "follow-the-car-part".
You wanna tell me? :)
-|MfG|-Big Al

Anonymous said...

i also can tell you how he did the follow that cart part he just maked 1 car and played it 5 times in a row with 2 seconds or somehing between them
P.S. Awesome track i played ex gehenna 2

Anonymous said...

One of the best RPG tracks i ever played!Really good work!

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