Guide: How to improve your RPG- track

Guide: How To Improve Your RPG-Tracks

You builders all know the feeling when you finished a track and you’re thinking .. “Hhhmmm... Is this track good enough for online playing?”.. Well I went searching for the best ways to improve your tracks!

Before Building
- Drive some inspiriting tracks. (But not copy them)
- Have a good idea of what to build. A temple, Pyramid, Ruine, City etc.
- Take a look at mods to get inspirated. Atmosphere is very important!

While Building
- Insert as much as new parts in your track as possible.
- Make sure every CP is respawnable
- Make sure the way is clear! This is the most important thing!
- Make good scenery to make the track look good. Otherwise you have a trial track.
- Make a story . This makes players want to play further.

After Building
- Drive your track more then once, so you’ll recognize bad or boring parts
- Ask some people to test your track! They are objective and sometimes see what you ,as builder, can’t see.
- Add MT to the track for stunning special effects and hints & tips.
- Make sure your track has every thing it needs for online playing.

I want to thank the players who gave me advice about what they like in RPG tracks or how they build them. Big thanks guys! These guys are awesome in the editor and have the building skills, check their tracks!

Eie, Enai Siaion, Kryw, HawkGer & Fish


Enai Siaion said...

Before building:
- Make sure you know what the hell you're going to build... zone by zone. There's nothing worse than running out of space because you built the damn thing too low.
- Try on some mods if you don't make your own.

While building:
- Plan ahead while not building. You don't want to sit and stare at an empty platform for 3 hours, or worse, build something bad just to try it and undo everything the next day.
- Unlike a normal track, you do NOT have to build it start to finish.
- It is okay to build placeholder stuff to connect parts of the track. You can go back and fix it later. If you force yourself to do parts you don't know what to do with, while delaying the ones you already know, you'll just end up with a bad track and quit. Wait until you get inspiration for those annoying parts and THEN do them.

After building:
- Break it. Do stupid stunts and if you get anywhere NEAR a shortcut, fix it. Don't think it's 'impossible' to cut. People have beaten the Dendron beta, they WILL find a way to cut.
- Try the 'mentally retarded driver' test drive. Just drive in a straight line with your foot on the gas, and whenever you do anything else, ask yourself why you're doing it. If you can't give a good reason (eg. there's a hole visible in the distance), this part of the track is not intuitive and people may get lost.

Anonymous said...

I'm not that good and track editor, but as i play some rpgs, i relies that some people in there map conjoin/join/override or combine tracks props at etc. like poles going through the road so people and go on it, and they are just using a portion of the track they tend to use a another road to place on top of it, however when i try to do that all it does is either says unable to place block or destroys the block and places the block i tried to put on top of it, if you are trying hard to find what I'm saying you can maybe play some rpgs and found out(sorry i forgot the names of the rpgs) and another thing is the invisible blocks under the sea, if you are trying hard to understand what I'm saying it is in basically all maps ,but i remember tree of life by Mr. tree has a bit where you a blue sea and when you fall into it it's a invisible road/block please help me as i am very stuck, i tried everything i could do to learn how, i used Google, you tube and many more. please help me
from wustarr

Anonymous said...

Can be planned cuts too. Those cuts that you should take away are not-planned cuts. Or you can say that planned cuts are an alternative way to drive that is shorter but hard to find, so people got to really look for it. Thats fun with rpg too, not just driving in a line.

Crow-Freak said...

Hi, im in the RPG-scene for i think 3/4 of year now. And im always trying to build an RPG, butt my problem is, i am no good at making a story or making use of the MT. How am i supposd to build something good then iff i dont got a story? (sorry for the bad english)

heartX said...

Build a great trial tracks then.

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