Stromek and Big Al with new tracks

Today we would like to shed light on two new RPG's which have been released in the last week.

After having tapped into building RPG tracks with his shortie RPG 'Indiana Jones', Big Al released 4 days ago yet another RPG track named 'Sports'. As the name suggests, the track is all about Sports and the various disciplines it offers. Brutal transferred those disciplines into this track by making the route of every CP-section look like a certain Sports challenge. Those challenges are not only the most obvious like hurdling or high-jumping but also very surprising ones like speedboating or cliff-diving. At the end of the track you will reach a skate park and have to collect 10 rings, the most challenging discipline. The track has many jumps and stunts in it and is thus not a racestyle-RPG. It has an open design which looks quite good thanks to the Forest-Mod.

TMX-ID: 1666138
Difficulty: Intermediate
AT: 30:23.56
First-time length: 40-100 min

An overview of all the disciplines you will find in this track:

The skatepark at the end:

The second track we would like to present is a new track from Stromek, called 'Project Kitchen'.
In the course of the track you will have to find your way through a kitchen, learning how to cook :-) Watch this video to see what you will be up to:

TMX-ID: 1639288
Difficulty: Expert
AT: 24:53:58min
First-time Length: 50-150min

An overview of the kitchen

The sink from below

The open fridge


Pål / Tecfan said...

I'm looking forward to trying Sports now, with all your nice words ^^

and I still haven't driven kitchen after the first beta test, so I have to do that some day too

Anonymous said...

Thx vm much 4 adding my map to that blog :)
Have fun driving it!
Big Al

Anonymous said...

wow o0 im blown away and haven't even tried it. way cool idea!


Anonymous said...

Thy@Hawk for ya last comment :)

Pål / Tecfan said...

just played Sports. very original and creative track, ++

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