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Without the trackmakers and mod-makers, RPG would not be possible. We want to give authors as much publicity as possible, so here's an interview I did with Kryw just now. Kryw is an 18 years old boy from France, whose first name is John. He was one of the first RPG track makers, and is perhaps still the community's most important mapper. If you read through this interview, I think that you might learn something about the history of RPG, and you might also learn about a new, secret map he is working on ;)

Why and when did you start creating RPG maps?

I started in late 2008. It was after seeing a map more or less similar, but that was not enough developed (Note: Enigmes by Rafale). So I started to build Sobékite with all the experience I had acquired from building my piscines tracks.

So, in the beginning.. Were there any servers which wanted to play your tracks?

Well, I already had my own server at the time, and I tried to spread the concept in an interview with eSport France. It seems to me that RPG Unlimited was opened as a result from that right after.

When you start on a new track, where do you begin? Do you make the scenery first? Do you make all the tricks and then build scenery?

In general I try to imagine an atmosphere for my new map. So when I start a new map I often start at the bottom to avoid the "cuts", and I also do the landscape at the same time. In Honduras, for example the large room, I start with the decoration and then I put the tricks above the landscape. Scenery can inspire, and that's why must not overlook the landscape/scenery.

What is a good RPG track for you? Is there anything you love or hate in RPG maps?

When I connect to a server I look in the beauty of the mod first. If there is one thing that makes me want to play a map the most, it is if there is a small story. The decoration and atmosphere is very important for me, and that the spots/CPs are innovative. Difficulty doesn't bother me as long as the trick isn't too lucky/risky.

Does the name of your tracks mean anything?

Well, Sobékite is the name of a dunegon and a monster in the game "Dark Age of Camelot". Lubantuun and Honduras are names of some Mayan ruins. Saqqarah, Sésostris, Mykérinos and Seila are names of pyramids. Camelot means "castle", and Domnann is a grove in the village of Sylvain in The Dark Age of Camelot.

So, do you still work together with Rafale?

I do not work at all with Rafale, now I work with Huberts. He is making the MT on Camelot now. And also (*drumroll*) on my new map, Exceeder. He also works on the mod of this new map.

What do you think about RPG getting popular? Recently it has become very popular and it is hard to change maps on server because then some people will whine and be mad.. You think it is a good thing that it's getting popular, or did you like RPG when it was more "underground"?

It's good, but we need new mappers who engage in it and does not make the mistake of making a map with repetitive super mod. You need a map with an addictive mod and "new" spots, with blockmixing there are many possibilities. I do think that it is boring to play a map for 15 minutes and then wait 3 hours to change map, but for that reason I am also happy that there are many new servers you can go to.

Do you like to the RPG round events? Is it fun you think?

Yeah it is funny. Especially Round race 2 on Sobékite where I was leading with 30 seconds until the end when I was unlucky, and Hawk and you passed me.

What is your favorite map?
Lubaantun. I love the play, it is so smooth. But I also like Sobékite.. And as for atmospheres, my favorite is Domnann.

Who is your favorite mapper?
My favorite is fish. He is the only one that really surprises with each new track, even if some spots are too random some times.

And who is your favorite player?
HawkGer, he's very cool :)


Januy said...

Really cool interview, I enjoyed to hear some of his opinions about RPG and his building style =) I hope it can help me with my maps ^^

Good job (y)

Aquarius said...

That's my bro !

Hylis said...

Really good interview!

Roa said...

Haha, first pic is great xD, srsly, great interview, very well done Tec and Kryw =)

Anonymous said...

I can't complete domnann.
its so hard.
I can't get over that pole.

I like to play lubaantun.
my record there is 18:24 minutes

Pål / Tecfan said...

Go to the TMX pages or youtube and find the GPS videos/replays

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