Montezumas Treasure, by TStarGermany


Today, Montezumas Treasure by TStarGermany was finally uploaded to TMX. I've tried it quite a few times in different beta tests. The first time, we only checked the route, and the second time I got to see all the MT. The track is almost 200kB big, so lots of MT. The story is in the intro, so be sure to watch that one. The mod is original (made especially for this map), and the intro/ingame sounds fits perfectly. Not so much more to say, it's a very fun map too play. Very easy to find the route, and it's something special. I don't think you'll feel like you have played this before. The last room is very nice too (you have to take 10 rings).

TMX ID: 1596007
Difficulty: Intermediate
AT: 10.42.22
First-time length: 15-30 minutes

I think it's time for some screens:

The full track without in-game MT and outro


Anonymous said...

yaya nice stuff, award it on tmx ^^

MaxAmpere said...

Awesome track, <3 it!!!

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