RPG news #1

As always there are a lot of things going on in the RPG world, so here's a little summary from the last few days. We will let you know when these tracks are released, so remember to subscribe to the blog's RSS feed so you always get get latest posts in your RSS reader.

On the fish front there's not only one, but two new tracks in the making. Here's some tempting screens:
This first track is called Area 51 and should probably be out soon. When we beta-tested it, there were not too much work again. This one will probably take you a long time on the first run. You have to look for the way, and the tricks are hard.

This next track, also by fish, is called "Being fish". Here you'll drive around in fish's room I think. You'll go on his desktop, inside his computer, inside his pinball, inside his carnivorous plant and inside his messy book shelf. Some people might hate this mod, and some people might love it. The route is very innovative I can tell you, and it's not too far from release on this one either I think.

In other fish-related news, he has updated his track Il Nome Della Rosa with an easier start and a mod update + some trick updates too. The main reason for the update is probably that we will drive this track in the 5h RPG round race. He has also updated tmCry, because there were quite a bit whining about the "luck parts" when we were driving it in the 4th RPG round race .

Kryw also has two map updates for us. The first map is called Darah, and is a pyramid map with an updated GM mod. So some screens from Darah:

And his second map in the making is called Exceeder. Looks like we're up for a new RPG feeling this time too (yeah, I am referring to Domnann)

Kryw is also planning to MT-update the following tracks: Camelot (also locator update for this), Saqqarah, Honduras, Domnann, + Darah and Exceeder. He will get visit from Hubertis, so I guess they will working hard.

D3mon also chimed in with some new screenshots from his track. Sadly, these were his words: "Unfortunately I'm not motivated enough to finish Frozen Breath"


Chazu said...


I'll release my track soon for beta-testing ^^

Brainshaker said...

Oh my god, these screenshots look really awesome!
I wait especially for Darah, because it looks like one of kryws old tmeples (just better ;)) and I love them!

Kryw said...

50% ;)

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