RPG news #3

Cargo 714
A week ago, Solix released a track called Cargo 714. It's a realistic track, built as a dock, with a huge cargo ship (which is also built realistic with engine rooms and more), a loading dock, cranes, warehouses and a lot of cargo. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best RPG's ever. It's extremely realistic, original, innovative, beautiful and fun to drive and explore. The route is clear, there are helpful hints in some spots and the tricks aren't very hard. Even in small spaces, Solix manages to make good tricks. So much fun to drive around inside the ship, between all the containers and the long, last jump makes this track a real adventure. I strongly recommend driving this track - try it with a friend and drive together, double as fun.

TMX ID: 1757574
Difficulty: Expert
AT: 41:42.62
First-time length: 50-150 minutes

The march of time
For the crowd that likes to drive RPG's in the classical temple-atmosphere, Golo offers new material to drive on with his latest track "The march of time". The adventurous atmosphere in it is being conveyed quite powerful, using dramatic music-clips, sound clips, Egyptian-themed signs and a massive scenery that is build inside huge rooms. Of course the track is also using the GrandeMuraille mod to make the experience complete. I should warn hereby that, when having loaded the mod and the invisible platform texture shows green, one has to restart the game. The track includes one section in which one cannot advance without the invisible texture.
The track is also using a story element. The mission is to reach four ring CP's throughout the temple, each time revealing four numbers which you will need to pass the final task. The difficulty of the tracks is very high. There are several tricky spots which need to be discovered and learned extensively before driving them safe. But, as the author also states, not only experienced drivers can find it enjoyable...patient and determined drivers will have fun too :-)

TMX ID: 17884983
Difficulty: Expert
AT: 14:52:95
First-time length: 50-100 min

Mouse in the House
We have seen a rebuild of a kitchen and we are still waiting for the rebuild of Fishy's living-room. But Zulu thought to take it to the next level and rebuilt a complete house. In this track you are playing as a mouse, invading the house and plundering the food-reserves (with ring CP's serving as bites of cheese). There is a lot of cheese in that house, so make sure to look out for it =) The track uses the Wooden Domnann mod which fits quite nicely to the theme. The track style is again very similar to Zulu's previous tracks, so if you know his building-style and like it, definitely try it out!

TMX ID: 1797268
Difficulty: Intermediate
AT: 20:30:00
First-time length: 30-70 min

Kryw has also "returned" and has updated Lubaantun with a new mod, and Honduras with a new mod, and new rooms. You should try out the new Honduras before the eight round race. Kryw also sent me a spoiler picture of a mission track he is working on:


Chazu said...

Looks awsome
definatly gonna try Cargo ^^

Brainshaker said...

lol kryw, is still playing tm?^^
he dont know what he wants xD
but the scrren is very interesting, i wanna drive this track^^

Solix said...

Just want to say thank you for that "highlight" ;)
You can't even imagine how happy I am right now ^^

Anonymous said...

where can we download the mod ?


Pål / Tecfan said...

which mod?

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