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I am currently sitting in a fjord in the west-coast of Norway on vacation. There's rain outside, snow on the mountains and not very warm outside. Luckily, Kryw talked to me on MSN, and the day was saved........

Anyyyyway, he offered himself to answer all of your questions, so now is your time to ask. Write your question in the comments. It can be about RPG track making help, blockmixing, his tracks.. anything. The answers will be posted in another blog post in a few days.


Anonymous said...

How old are you?

Anonymous said...

Why did you stop TM?
Pls release just one track as a sign for your final decision... PLS KEEP IT ON!

Chazu said...

When did you start building RPG tracks and why? ^^
And where do you get your idea's for new RPG maps? (:

Hardarm said...

Why someone cancel my comment?

Hardarm said...

BTW, i agree with the anonymous, release one track :)
but as i said before i don't believe u let TM :$

HawkGer said...

How do you start building an RPG-track?
How do you think Rafale contributed to the development of the RPG-style? Would you have been able to come up with a track similar to Sobekite? Would you have started/completed Sobekite without his help?

What was your reaction when fist seeing that other builders also started building in the RPG-style? Did you expect it? Was it your ambition when building your first four RPG's to insipire other builders?
Did you expect the RPG-style to become that popular?
How do you build so fast? You don't need to sleep?^^
What do you think about Rafale's newest mod "RPG"?^^

Pål / Tecfan said...

Why did you put in a multilap start in the Honduras update?

Why don't you try to do some advanced MT stuff yourself? You always team up with somebody, but you probably know your way around the MT yourself.

Will there be a new RPG from you?

Do you learn English at school?

Wouter said...

ecno eid ouy did

Anonymous said...

How did you come up with your nickname 'Kryw', does it mean anything, if so, what does it mean?

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