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Here's Kryw's answers (ref.
At the end there's some screenshots from a new project as well.

"How old are you?"
18 and 19 the 28 October

"Why did you stop TM?"

I needed a break, because I'm very tired of TMN.

Questions by Chazu:
"When did you start building RPG tracks and why?"
In december 1 year ago I have begin to build the Piscine's (pool) track, beacause I wanted to create something new and the Piscine track are only trial. after , in december i have seen a similar track with a mod but this track contained a Closed rooms and nice mediatracker and from there I started designing my new concept with a long story.

"And where do you get your idea's for new RPG maps?"
my spirit but the name of the track in wikipedia or google and I like change the story with my imagination

Questions by HawkGer:
"How do you start building an RPG-track?"
I start to build a big room as reference and I build around example Domnann , I have begin in the tree

"How do you think Rafale contributed to the development of the RPG-style? Would you have been able to come up with a track similar to Sobekite? Would you have started/completed Sobekite without his help?"
at the beginning I had to do with him. but he haven't time and I have started the build lonely and he make the mediatracker

"What was your reaction when fist seeing that other builders also started building in the RPG-style? Did you expect it? Was it your ambition when building your first four RPG's to insipire other builders?"
my first réaction ? oh ! : ) I have test this track and my first impression is : Beeurk ! because the CircuitBase without mod is ugly

"Did you expect the RPG-style to become that popular?"
No , as Piscine tracks I thought is only for fun and impressive most people but has had an explosion 3,4 servers open ect..

"How do you build so fast? You don't need to sleep?^^"
haha I map since the start of TMN I have most astuce to quickly build and I have more imagination when I build so at the moment I build a secret track and in 1 hour I have build 10 000 Coppers , so it is only the experience.

"What do you think about Rafale's newest mod "RPG"?^^"
yes but 1 or 2 texture are strange when you look from afar but the Vegetation are really nice so I think Rafale is a best Modder with Viandox

Questions by Tecfan:
"Why did you put in a multilap start in the Honduras update?"
when you play in Online you can see the mediatracker Intro/In game but no Outro with a simple Start and with a Multilap you can

"Why don't you try to do some advanced MT stuff yourself? You always team up with somebody, but you probably know your way around the MT yourself."
you are a guitarist but why don't yo try to pratice another instrument? So the mediatracker is strange for me and I dislike manipulate this and Rafale/Hubertis/Guiguidu60 have more experience in MT

"Will there be a new RPG from you?"
la question qui tue

"Do you learn English at school?"
Yes, but the Teachers in france are bad : P

"How did you come up with your nickname 'Kryw', does it mean anything, if so, what does it mean?"
so first the pronunciation is Crew and Kryw = KouRyuu (skin in Unreal Tournament 2004) , and i have reduced this nick K , r and y with two uu = w


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