Top 5 most underrated RPG's


5. Legoland - City Centre [6 awards]
This track is a huge lego city, of course with the lego mod. It's hard to find the way, you have to drive carefully so you get all CP's. The tricks are original, hard the first time and easier the next times, so you can go hunting. It will probably take about one hour to drive it the first time. It's made by Golo, and it's his first and only RPG so far.

4. Army Training Camp [1 award]
This might be a bit too early, but I think we can call this track underrated already after 1 day. It has a negative karma of 6 at Pixelsport RPG, and only two people could finish it. It has an army mod, which fits well. It is extremely hard, especially the first time, and particularly in the beginning. This is probably the reason for the low ratings, but once you get past that double wallride, the track becomes an excellent adventure. The track was made by Lighthand. If you drive this, you will probably be pleased to know that the track was even harder before I ordered (to use a very army'sh expression) an update.

3. Jungle Valley [5 awards]
Made by iGrizzli, this track has an original atmosphere and many new tricks. Almost everything happens in a low altitude, and the design is open, but it is not hard to find the correct route. Fun, but frustrating for WR-hunting. It features the not-so-used Route des Templiers mod.
Note: this track was showcased on TMX 27th September and has since gotten many awards.

2. Forest [5 awards]
"[RPG|Forest!!" is a hard RPG, with a forest/wood mod. The route itself is very clear (except for a hole maze), but still you have to use your brain a little to make it. It also has an epic last CP, which probably is a bit easier with a pad than with a keyboard.

1. Scrapiron [5 awards]
This track by Stromek features a custom mod made by himself, called Rustmod. In true Stromek-style, the tricks are hard and even requires some thinking. The atmosphere is nice, and the first-time-drive is awesome. I highly recommend you drive this one.


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