RPG news #2

There have been many new RPG's in the last few days, so here's an overview of the best new tracks:

Area 51
You may remember having seen screenshots of this track more than one month ago. In fact it was nearly finished back then but it was put on hold for a contest. Today it then got finally uploaded to TMX. The track's story sets place in the Nevada desert in which one has to enter an UFO and take control of it. The tracks UFO is from the inside very open in design and in general the route goes from the bottom of the UFO to the top. The updated Alien-Mod helps to create a very realistic atmosphere inside and especially outside the UFO.

TMX ID: 1760055
Difficulty: Expert
AT: 13:47:21
First-time length: 30-100 min

Mansion of Madness beta
Today was also the betatest of 'Mansion of Madness', a new track Fish built in collaboration with Hardarm. The betatest was at 3AM in the morning so not many people joined. A good surprise however was seeing 'Torpedo' on the server, having taken two month of break from TM and now playing RPG again :-) The track is very easy from my perspective (definitely easier than Tenochtitlan), even though some people beg to differ. It's also not too long (about 8min) and very fluent, so a nice track to hunt records. The atmosphere of the track is quite distinctive to others; the mansion-mod makes a good job there. Now we just have for the release, let's hope it doesn't take as long as for Area 51 ^^

Another Planet
Another Planet is Golo's second track. It originally featured the Blue mod, but was changed to the Wipeout mod after a beta test. It's around 9 minutes long if you drive it fast, and probably takes around 40-50 minutes the first time. A fantastic ride in a totally new atmosphere.

TMX ID: 1753066
Difficulty: Intermediate
AT: 12:21.52
First-time length: 40-80 minutes

Wood Town
Wood Town is a new iGrizzly track. It's not unique in design, but uses the not-so-used Wooden Domnann mod. It's fast, has a pretty good AT and will definitely challenge most people.

TMX ID: 1755937
Difficulty: Intermediate
AT: 09:00:80
First-time length: 30-70 minutes

Avoid the Rain
RPG's from Zulu are always built compact, contain much blockmixing (some very unusual and original), are very transition-focused and have an intermediate difficulty. This new track 'Avoid the Rain' does not differ from that...so if you are a fan of this style, definitely try this RPG out. It uses the Stadium Pro Mod which has only been used in RPG's by Zulu himself so far. One hint: When reaching an area with dirt halfway through the track, take the rings nearby...you won't be able to get them later.

TMX ID: 1756819
Difficulty: Intermediate
AT: 12:48:90
First-time length: 30-70 minutes

De Exidio Thuringiae
This track represents the second RPG by Link, the author of [RPG] Mana. It is also designed as a story-track and contains some story elements, some of them being implemented quite well. The track uses a self-made mod and has the atmosphere of a temple. There are not many challenging obstacles to overcome and the route is quite easy to follow. So if you are a fan of easy RPG's with story elements, this track will suit you well.

TMX ID: 1759033
Difficulty: Easy
AT: 13:20.75
First-time length: 20-60minutes

Real Challenge
Real Challenge is a trial'ish RPG by OLD*Marty. It's supposed to be an RPG for the experts, hence the name. The tricks are all original, and requires you to think and try a lot before you find out how to do it. The track won't fit most people. I recommend you have lots of RPG experience before driving this track, or else you'll be stuck for 3-4 hours.

TMX ID: 1748228
Difficulty: Lunatic
AT: 23:31.04
First-time length: 50-150minutes


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