Brainshaker´s RPG review #1


Hey RPG community, its me again, Brainshaker :)
From now on I will review one of the RPGs which came out in the previous week with a critical eye^^ When you think this is a good idea, please let me know it in the comments.

The first track I will review is:

MANIC MINER by Katodik

General Information:
Author: Katodik (Metropolis, Quantum Leap)
Length (with no respawns): 10:30 - 11:00 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Mod: Manic Miner by Katodik
First Run: 30:00 - 40:00 minutes


All in all the atmosphere of the track is very nice. You are a treasure hunter who tried to search the buried treasure of the abandoned mining facility. The mod fits this theme perfectly.

BUT the music is not half that atmospheric than the rest. Even if it is from the Manic Miner OST. It is kinda Rock and it does not fit the atmosphere. Better turn you sound off, then it is more atmospheric^^

Find the way:
The track has a look which reminds me (and of course others also^^) very much at The Great Escape by fish. Not at least because of the mod which looks very similar to the mod of TGE.Back to the way now^^ These tracks look very similar but in Manic Miner the way is very easy to find. There are no really hard passages where you have to look careful I think. Except of the ending part, there you must look a bit for the way, but it is still easy to see where to go.

So, that is it, now the rating of the track:

8,5/10 points

Katodik proofed another time that he is one of the most creative RPG builders, just awesome ideas from the first to the last second of this track. Only some things arent that well made, but I think the next track by him will be without these mistakes.


Anonymous said...

I would give this a 9.5, but that is me :P
but I would just say that is because finding the right way can be quite difficult. I've seen many people miss a cp or two on their way to the finish...
but it is nice to see track reviews :)


Brainshaker said...

thx for your comment eie :)
That´s the point, the title says "Brainshaker´s RPG review #1", so this is my opinion and my rating of the track. Of course it is not really neutral, but i think ppl will still get a impression of the track^^

Anonymous said...

Brain, can you make article for my new track: [RPG]Wooden Spaceships?

Brainshaker said...

Pls ddont ask me about things like that.
I choose tracks of which I think they are worth reviewing them. I tried you track before and at one ponit I had totally no clue where to go.
Ars but no review for you this time.

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