Four Powers, by Sebik + Teotihuacan, by Igntul

Four Powers by Sebik
A wonderful artwork of RPG track building. It was built for the RPG track building contest. Four Powers, using the Manic Miner mod. It has a brilliant balance between speed, climbing and brainteasing. The MT work is awesome and shows us impressive options about the abilities of the mediatracker. Very good for beginners, exploring and time hunting.

"On the map are placed special markers with POWERS: Water, Fire, Wind and Stone. You may take powers on map to help yourself. Each power gives you special possibilities and very frequently allows to reach next room" - Sebik

TMX ID: 2132778
Difficulty: Easy
AT: 12:41.10
First-time length: 30-50 minutes

World records up to date 19th Dec. 09:
Online: 11:40.22 by Ġτα-Kilburn®
Offline: 14:35.12 by AtoM

Teotihuacan by Igntul
The scenery of Teotihuacan (an old city of ruins in Mexico) built with the Teotihuacan mod (Montazumas mod update) is beautiful. The track leads into the pyramids with some challenging checkpoints. It has a nice clear route that offers much fun for exploring and also for time hunting.

"167 b.C., you are a poor slave of this city, while you absolve your hard work, when your leader is a bit distracted, you try to do the thing that you arleady premeditated, kill the king! Your working place is near the Sun pyramid, the bigger one, and the king is on the top of it. But you cant climb it because of the guards that monitor the pyramid day and night. You have to pass on it but how? Maybe you can use the subways and the old catapult, that is hidden underground, to get it" - Igntul

TMX ID: 2094591
Difficulty: Intermediate
AT: 19:39.17
First-time length: 40-80 minutes

World records up to date 19th Dec. 09:
Online: 13:52.76 by Klody
Offline: 13:52.76 by Klody


Anonymous said...

Thx a lot for the showcase, but the mod is the teotihuacan mod, that is a simple update of the Montezumas Treasure mod, not the Grande Muraille. ;)


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