RPG blog is looking for writers

As you may have noticed, there is not much activity on the blog these days.. If you are an active RPG gamer, and want to write for the blog, just send me a message and I'll consider it.


-MfG-Lucker said...

Hi Tecfan, i will write something here about maps mods and so on, and i think i play long enough on rpg maps to have to say something about it :-).
You can reach me on the green kacklappen server
I am -MfG-Lucker
or on MfG-eSports.com

Alex said...

Hi Tec :)
Let me know if You need more backup.
Lucker told me about this, and as You know Lucker and me are very intererested in RPG and the community. The community is growing each day, so its sad the activity here is low at the moment :(
I am used to do news, posts and many more in many projects. I am RPG addictded as many others here :) and as mapper I am learning each day.
I am very interested in Maps/Mods and all about RPG.
I am good in formating textes and working with photoshop. My English is not the best but it will do it.
So gimme a shout if there is still some backup needed.
Cheers Alex aka -|MfG|-Big Al

Pål / Tecfan said...

great that you both are interested.. I already invited Lucker! Let's talk details on TMX.. contact me and I'll get back to you tomorrow at school ^^.

Kryw said...

Nice idea because only post to Round x ... :s

-CparT- said...

i Would Write on The Blog And I Am active rpg player but not online.

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