RPG for beginners: brighten your RPGs

Some might like their dungeons dark and dangerous^^, for all who want them as bright as possible, have a look at the following screenshots and tips.

To change the settings for the lightmaps go into the launcher.

For maximum brightness set the lightmap-quality to 'No shadows'.

Setting the quality of the lightmaps to 'No Shadows' will not have an influence on already calculated lightmaps, so you have to delete already existing lightmaps in your cache.

There is one exception i know so far:
The mod 'Under the Seas' (used for example for 'Poseidon's Wrath')  will be too bright without shadows.

So you may not want to delete the lightmaps for tracks using this mod.

As mentioned above if you keep the already calculated lightmaps in your cache-folder, you still will see the effects, even if you have set the lightmap-quality to 'No Shadows'.

This way you can have it both ways, see the effects of lightmaps that come in handy and enjoy brightness in dungeons that otherwise would be very dark.

Some videos showing the difference:



Wouter said...

Sorry, but the pictures dont work. It gives me a red cross.

occam said...

I changed back to externally linked pictures, hopefully it works now :-)

Enai Siaion said...

Dunno... isn't that kind of like cheating? Like blocking the mod to reveal transparent blocks etc.

-|MfG|-Big Al™ said...

Nice to know, but in my opinion all the ambience will be lost. I prefer shadows and just put the brightness of my monitor a little higher if its necessary...

occam said...
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occam said...

>>> Enai Siaion said...
...isn't that kind of like cheating? Like locking the mod to reveal transparent blocks etc.

i know what you mean: afaik Kryw always drove Polytech Plasma with the loaded Mod...but all early WR (for most of the early ones i know for sure) have been driven without the Mod. The blue-mod looks awesome but makes Polytech Plasma nearly undriveable (at least at a few spots)

To call it cheating is plain wrong, obviously you are allowed to set the game to any settings you like...after all it is no hack...that are just common settings in the game-launcher.

People with slower graphic cards do not even have the possibility for the highest settings (you would call all of them cheaters^^) so it cheating is in any chase the wrong term.

BigAl has a point with the ambience and Enai-Tracks are so beautiful with post-processing activated and with shadows and all settings set to max...and so Enai's tracks are one of few exceptions where i drive with all settings max'ed out :->>

Anonymous said...

This will brighten up the map for YOU, but how about people you give the track to?
Do you have to give them all those complicated instructions (which they probably won't follow anyway) or is there a way to deactivate lightmaps for a certain track automatically?

Pål / Tecfan said...


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