RPG blog 2009 statistics

Since we're heading into a new year, after celebrating RPG's 1 year anniversary, I figured it would be nice with some statistics from the blog, to sum it all up:
(Note: these numbers are from 30th December)

Since we opened the blog back in August, there has been 50 032 pageviews from 20 805 visits. The day with the most visits was Sunday 29th November, with 264 visits.

The most visited pages, apart from the front page, was the mod overview page (7 598 pageviews, 15.19%), the track overview page (3 365 pageviews, 6.73% of the total pageviews) and the RPG history page (2 001 pageviews, 4.01%).

71 articles has been posted on the blog, which has received 404 comments (5.69 comments on average per post). The post with the most comments is our RPG track building contest article, with 71 comments.

33.19% (6 906) of the total visits came from the TMNF TMX, 23.77% (4 945) came directly to the site and 21.93% (4 562) came from Google.

The Google keyword that gave the blog the most visits was "trackmania rpg" with 754 visits, followed by "trackmania rpg blog" with 384 visits and "tm rpg blog" with 240 visits. In total, there were 1 149 different search queries from Google to the blog.

There were 4 834 people visiting the site from Germany, 2 665 from France and 1 956 from Czech Republic. The blog had visitors from a total of 71 countries.

54.37% (11 317) of the visitors used Firefox, 24.34% (5 066) used Internet Explorer and 9.21% (1 918) used Opera.

(Chrome has 8.92%)

The average time on the site is 3 minutes and 8 seconds. On August 17th, people spent averagely 10 minutes and 17 seconds on the site.

We have driven 12 RPG round races. HawkGer has won 29 rounds, Tecfan 13, Klody 4, MagicMan 1, .max 1, Minigod 1 and Voyager006 1 rounds.

So, what do you think 2010 will bring?


Januy said...

What a great article :D Lovely statistics, nice layout and numbers :)

Gratz with this succes, we'll see you in 2010 for sure (Y)

Anonymous said...

It still looks like that many people dont know what RPG is and many newbies come to servers. I think its an important think to let others know by spread the word and maybe there should be more selective servers with tracks. For a intermediate (me) and experts its a bit annoying that beginners vote next all the time.
And i think it should be less helping on the servers. Very much of the "spirit" of RPGs are to not know but to find out. What about hinting instead of saying where to drive? RPGs should have a bit of mystery and not be an ordinary track.
I like the round challange with prices (altough experts allways wins) even if i get very nervous at those challanges :-\ keep up with that.
Its amazing how people can use their imagination and come up with a lot of nice RPGs. Just amaizing.
(Not good in english, sorry, but its readable).

Anonymous said...

Ohh, didnt Norway win :-(

Anonymous said...

well i hope that in year 2010 there will be bether statistic more post more track more ppl will be informed with the history of RPG, AND special thanks to the makers off these blog it helped alot off ppl into RPG driving. i hape there will be more contest all around the world with RPG story tracks :D next year should be special since it is the begining off the new decate:D and into a secund year off RPG :D ty

Wouter said...

Happy new year everybody! Play my tracks and give me much awards in this new year!

Wouter said...

People, ive just uploaded a RPG special to the Beta Area of TMX.

Anonymous said...

haha half of the italian visits are by me :P
Let's hope for a even more funny RPG year :)


Anonymous said...

I got into rpg when trackmania "suggested" an rpg server. From that moment i was hooked up with all rpg maps!

A question to tecfan: How did you got all that information? A question list? You broke into computers to see who played tmx?

Nice artikel of this website, keep up the good work!


Pål / Tecfan said...

I broke into computers.

Lambda said...

Obviously has too much free time ...

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