RPG track building contest update


Some of you are wondering when the results will be out, so I'm just here to say that we're currently testing your tracks, but it's a slow process (due to vacations, laziness and school/work).

We are going to drive the tracks a second time now to get better impressions, and then we have to write and take pictures, so I don't think the results will be out this week. Just hang in there ;)


sebik1992 said...

I am looking forward for results :)
Good luck in rating and have fun! :P

-CparT- said...

Good Luck With Rating And I Think i Know What
Track Is Gonna Win...

Anonymous said...

I'm really couriouse to see who is the winner ^^
I think the favourites are 2, DSoS and 4 Powers :)
Gl all *_*

Enai Siaion said...

Don't spend so much time. Arcadia's gonna win anyway. :D

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