Arcadia, by Enai Siaion + Venezia, by Igntul

Arcadia by Enai Siaion
A new way of record hunting. There is no defined route. Amazing MT work of Enai again. Nice flying cam and an interesting way to explain the ring locations. Under the Seas mod is used for this map.

"A multiple route RPG in an ancient city. The layout branches into 5 districts, each with a checkpoint and 3 rings to collect. Visit each district, gather all 15 rings and come back to the start/finish to complete the map. If you lose your way, instructions are included." - Enai Siaion

TMX ID: 2079330
Difficulty: Intermediate
AT: 12:21.45
First-time length: 20-50 minutes

World records up to date 5th Dec 09:
Online: 6:57.54 by Klody
Offline: 6:57.54 by Klody

An MT video:

Venezia by Igntul
A nice scenario with the Asphalt Tango mod. The illusion works, you think you are in the Italian city Venice. The route is sometimes not easy to find and for a record hunting may be 1-2 spots that will need some luck. But the map is a nice experience.
"As is tell in the intro you are in this "city of the Water" for business. You have a free day to spend visiting the city. There are rumors that there is a treasure hidden in the deep water of this city. But there is a layer of clay between the deep water and the surface one clay that make you cant access down. Will you find a way to get under the clay? And will you find the treasure?" - Igntul

TMX ID: 1763767
Difficulty: Intermediate
AT: 6:53.99
First-time length: 20-50 minutes

World records up to date 12th Dec. 09:
Online: 6:29.14 by 《ॡic3》»»Steppke««
Offline: 6:53.99 by Igntul

A GPS video:


JumperJack said...

lately i've driven arcadia online, and it was an amazingly clear and fun track. nice work enai!! ;)

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