RPG for beginners: optimized input settings

Game pad and keyboard settings for RPG fans: Optimize your controller settings for RPG to prevent DEL-key accidents :->


Especially important in many Adventures is 'booster-drifting' (aka power-sliding or 3-key-drifting): It is essential that the keyboard processes all three pressed keys. Sometimes it is necessary to reassign the keys for the combination of left,right,throttle and break.

Tecfan about booster-drifting:"'If you can only drift in one direction, and not the other, it is because your keyboard has some limitations. Then you need to bind a second button as brake. To do this, in Trackmania, go to `Profile´ , and then `Inputs´.'"

The importance to hide the DEL key as good a humanly possible is often underrated. But it becomes painfully clear when DEL is pressed accidentally: Poor JumperJack, the latest Del-key victim might agree^^ that it is the most important key to reassign for a lighthearted RPG-experience.

JumperJack in TMX-Forum:

For left-handed folks (like Ned Flanders or C. Montgomery Burns :->) the next tip may not be an improvement, but for the many Trackmaniacs, that are right-handed, the assigning of the free-camera-keys 4,5,6,8 to A,S,D,W will bring some additional comfort. The left hand on the keys ASDW, like common in many games will make navigating with Cam7 very comfortable.



JumperJack said...

oh yes, definately hide your del key when driving rpgs... o.O"

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