RPG track pack with working locators

Every experienced RPG player has probably at least once encountered the problem of a non-auto loading mod on an RPG track. It is especially a problem for newcomers in the RPG genre who certainly will not know that the track actually is intended to have a mod. Recently noticing that Sob├ękite doesn't have a functioning mod download made me eager to know how many RPG tracks are affected in total by this and came to the result that at least 61 out of the 250 RPG tracks listed in the track table do not have a proper mod-download. I managed to fix the locator for 55 of these tracks, the remaining 6 tracks have a password.
Download the trackpack here:

These fixed tracks are especially interesting for server admins. The version on the server for each track can be replaced without losing records; the only thing players will notice to be different is the working mod download. I'm looking forward to authors updating their TMX track version though, which would make the process of updating easier for server admins.
So if you, as an author, find one of your tracks in this list please update it at TMX:

(I will include a link to the tracks once they are updated at TMX)
Kill Bill · Modern Times · The Lost World · The Phantom Menace · V for Vendetta · Catalyst · Darkwood · Lengthy Final · Planes in the sky · The Factory · AlkatraZz · Castlemania · Forest Bury · Temple Of Fortune · ThaOldTimer · Blo-c-ity · Forest!!! · Stone!! · The Last Crusade · R-240np · Sobekite · Old Wood! · 2012 · Abou Simbel · Byzance · Cargo 714 · Chemical X · Exacidie · Honduras · HyperCube · Ice -Virus · Jungle Safari · Legoland - City Centre · Legomania · Lost Soultown · M story · MetalBlog · Mykerinos · Palace India · Psychoterror · Roule Des Templiers · Atlantis · Noodu Home · Tree Of Life online · Tree of Life · Sunshine Island · RPGmax18war · Sande Boks · Saqqarah · speedRPG for all · T(ea)m Fortress! · The Labyrinth · The Legend of Zelda · the temple of freedom · Zeppelin Station

Not in the pack included (due to password restriction):
Enigmes V2 · Tournalin · Occam's Tribute · RPG.my1st · Abenteuer3


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