What do you want to see more of on the RPG blog?

So, we here at the RPG blog want to create interesting articles. Interesting as in things you actually care about and want. But what exactly do you want? Let us know in the comments!

Here's some questions to get your brain started: More competitions? Tutorials? Track reviews? Interviews? Anything other? What kind of competitions? Driving competitions? Mapping competitions? Modding, blockmixing, anything other? What kind of tutorials? Mapping? MT? Settings, basic tips and tricks, various RPG obstacle helping tutorials? Driving tutorials? Modding tutorial? Basic and advanced blockmixing?

Just some ideas.. but we want your ideas!

Oh.. and while we're at it:
We also want some tips on RPG round race themes and maps. RPG round race 13 was trial, 14 was anniversary edition.. what will number 15 be? GM maps only? Pyramids only? Kryw night? 3-4 maps.. 1 easy and 1 hard at least.. Be creative ;)

Oh btw, just so you know it, here is the list of already planned tutorials:
  • How to make a lightening in MT
  • How to find the locator / mod name for "unknown" mods


Brainshaker said...

Good idea to ask to comm, what they want.
If you want more reviews, I will definitly make more (even if the last one was a bit strange).

I think a kryw nicht for a rnd race is a very good idea, maybe Seostris, Sobekite, Camelot and Saqqarah?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more new-track reviews/opinions.

I play a lot from work on an underpowered computer, so playing online is pretty well out of the question, and I'm always on the lookout for good, fresh tracks.

Anonymous said...

Some more interviews or track reviews with a spotlight on a special part maybe would be really cool :) Or a personal RPGexperience essay? There are many possibilities :)

Anonymous said...

I want to see a round with random unknown map( should be atleast good but people didnt noticed them)

Anonymous said...

Some rnd race ideas:
Long maps; maybe Cargo 714,Dendron v2,Army Training Camp,Endurance!!
Underrated tracks; maybe Some of Zehirmanns tracks,Rush Hour.

-CparT- said...

well i would like more competitions for little less advansed rpg drivers and more track artickles.
it was good idea to ask people what they want (:

occam said...

>>> Some more interviews ...

Hawk was all but lazy and is about to finish the translation of the awesome interview with Golo, that had been published on the German TM Blog.

Golo asked V000nix and friends (German TM Blog) for the approval to publish the interview here in the Trackmania RPG Blog...and thanks to Hawk's prolific work (and awesome English language skills :->) we hopefully can read this great interview in English soon :- D

Kiyo said...

1-It would be interesting to see another RPG Cup :)

2-I think the idea of unknown maps could be fun for a round race to. Let's imagine what would happen if we all race on an unknown map together !! :D Just like you do after all RPG Round Race, the premiere should be included to the Round Race. Only one run on totally unknown map ^^

3-I'm currently seeing (within my team or not) more and more people interested by rpg maps. But they all fear the hard maps, so i think it would be nice to do something like a practice map, where we could see all known rpg tricks. Starting by easy tricks (like hitting the wall), and finishing by hard ones ^^ There should be little gps on every trick, on every cp, this to learn beginners how to pass the trick. It would be like a great rpg lesson... What do you think ?

4-Maybe more interviews of great rpg figures ^^ We already see Kryw's, but i would like to see yours to, and Hawk's, fish's...

5-Some reviews, to make us discover new maps. Maybe something like "map of the week", or "map of the month"...

See ya o/

Pål / Tecfan said...

maybe something like this http://trackmaniarpg.blogspot.com/2009/10/new-rpgs-week-42.html ?

weekly update with the best maps of the week..

thanks for your input

Anonymous said...

Some more BM tuts would be also cool, invisible road or these tiny passages under the blocks, blocks outside of the stadium, waterdirt, grass in the air; some are mentioned on the TMC site but not all (http://tutorials.tm-creative.org/trackmaking_blockmixing/), so this would be really cool, also if you're just adding some links to the tutorials (Yes, there is one on 'Other resources', but only in gerneral).

Anonymous said...

And I wanna know how to make pyramides!

Juraj said...

I want RPG round race with my track

Scitix said...

What about a RPG round race with "one hit wonders"?
Like for eaxample RPG Atlantis, which is Mekac's single track.

B1ts said...

Well, I think there should be more cups with different types of tracks.. maybe there could be several servers (as I probably mentioned) or groups of new drivers and skilled.. I like the idea to drive an unknown map (I think it should be at least 20 mins long or so..) or on 5 mini-rpg maps (3-4 mins wr)
Also, there could be more competitions filmed, like in old times ^^ (where I couldn't participate :/ ). RPG videos are fun to watch so making more of them would increase the number of RPG fans, I guess ^^
One dumb idea is spinning in my mind.. To make a several days competition.. not simply all drivers at once, as usual.. but with eliminations.. like 8 players in a group, top4 advance to next stage, etc.. or even 1 on 1.. I hope you'll think about it hehe..

well, that's several ideas from me ;)

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more about what it takes to build a good mod.
How you can make textures that is seamless.
Which programs you use, and how you work in the program.

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