4freaks weekend RPG tournament

The 4freaks clan with Beep and Fish as the organizer will hold an RPG tournament the next weekend. Unlike in our regular round races there will be used the TimeAttack mode in this tournament so it should provide a fresh feeling and lots of fun! Here is Beep's invitational message:

Hey all RPG players

We announce the forthcoming opening of a tournament "4Freaks Exclusive Weekend RPG" on HEAVENS RPG.
Opening date: Friday 2/04/2010 18:00 (6PM) CET (UTC+1/GMT+1)
Closing date: Sunday 4/04/2010 21:00 (9PM) CET (UTC+1/GMT+1)

  • Server is in TA mode
  • Time limit: 2 hours
  • Jukebox is ON
  • Next map and restart vote is ON with 90% ratio
  • Server is running and all records are saved by Xaseco.
  • At the end of time, the classification is determined.

  1. 5000 coppers
  2. 2000 coppers
  3. 1000 coppers
  4. 500 coppers
  5. 500 coppers

and for player without TMUF account, a tag will be given for rank 1,2 and 3.

See you soon on 4Freaks Exclusive Weekend RPG
4Freaks Clan ^^


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