Portal Mod [Example] - RPG community mod contest


The following mod-showcase is an example of a submission for the RPG community mod contest. As it solely functions as an example, it won't be rated by the readers and the mod creator [me] won't receive any coppers.

Mod download: http://www.vinummusik.de/Trackmania/Portal.zip(13mb)
Textures modified: 53
Textures taken from other mods: StadiumFXShadows.dds (GMU)

Author's description:
My primary motive while designing the Portal mod was to create a mod that could resemble the atmosphere of the equally named game from Valve. That means: very clean textures with few colors, a technological feeling and extreme transparency on certain textures. One could build a Portal-themed RPG with this mod but of course also other themes could fit, for example a biolab. The mod looks best in day mood and within closed rooms. StadiumPlatformD and StadiumPillarD have MipMap effects which are supposed to enhance the technological feeling.


At this point you (the readers) would be able to vote the mod now, ranging from 0-10 points and coppers would be given out accordingly to the creator of the mod. Voting for this mod is disabled but you could still leave a comment telling if you like the mod :-)


naruveli said...

Really nice!

naruveli said...

Really nice Mod!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Can you make it for nations forever?

HawkGer said...

glad you guys like it :)
Don't really understand your question. Do you mean if I could make the contest for nations forever or make the mod compatible with nations forever? In both cases: It IS optimized and created for nations forever!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love the mod! Very clean. I used it in my first (and currently only) RPG. I had just finished the track about a day after you posted the mod! So I used it for my track, which is called Portal [RPG]. Really original name, I know. It's by Safety Third if you want to check it out and see if it's worthy.
Nice mod once again!

Anonymous said...

Love that mod too, i'm downloading it right now ;)

I'm going to download your track too, it seems to be tricky but a fast one... The atmoshpere is really nice and gives the envy to play !

TimeBreaker said...

Saw Youtube video
I WTF'ed D:

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