Introducing the RPG community mod contest


Here at the RPG Blog we like to provide resources which make the building-process for authors easier and more efficient; specifically we regard mods as one of the most important ones, giving authors a good variety of themes to choose from. Noticing that recently the rate of newly released mods has dropped, we decided to start a contest with which we will hopefully be able to showcase a new series of mods!

We will be giving out a total of 100k coppers in prizes; read the voting section for details.

How it works in a nutshell:
  1. Create a mod
  2. The mod gets presented in a post
  3. Our readers will rate the mod

1. Create a mod:
This is a very open contest. No specific guideline or theme needs to be followed, giving your creativity free space. Make sure that there exists a certain consistency in your choice of textures though; mods with completely random textures which do not follow any theme will be disqualified.
There are two restrictions which need to be followed:
- More than 30 edited texture-files need to be included in your mod. There are 290 textures available for editing so this shouldn't be too much of a challenge ;)
- The following textures must be included in your mod:,,,,

Once your mod is finished, upload it to a webserver or filehost (for example and send me the link on my TMX Account HawkGer or by E-mail to
I will upload the mod then to a webserver for public use.

2. The Presentation:
Every mod will be presented in an individual post including a description and a video.

The small description I will write myself, though I (and probably the readers too) would prefer if the author of the mod would write it himself. Some topics you could be talking about:
  • The theme of the mod/atmospheric intention
  • Field of application on RPG tracks (i.e suited for open or closed tracks?, which scenery fits best?, which layout?, ideas on MT and story)
  • Recommended mood-setting
  • Your background as a modmaker
  • Special technical info on the mod

To create the video I require you to send me a replay-file which needs to be driven on an RPG track; an already existing one or a newly made track (minimum 3min length). The replay doesn't need to have your mod assigned so you can take almost any replay of an RPG track from TMX (or drive the replay yourself) and send it to me.
The readers will base their vote hugely on this replay(video) so make sure the replay is optimal for presenting your mod.
Info: If you want to see for yourself how the mod looks on your replay, you have to delete the replay's original mod from your local folder and rename the .zip-file of your contest-mod to the name of the original mod. Ingame you will see your textures applied then.

3. The voting and prizes

As soon as the presentation is published, our readers will get the chance to rate the mod.
They can rate the mod in points ranging from 0-10. Coppers will be giving out in relation to the points, so for example a score of 8.7 will make the the author of the mod get 8700 Coppers :-)
Authors without a United-Account can participate but they won't be ably to receive any prize (coppers)
13k coppers were donated by fallen.soul, 7.5k by DasEimer and 4k coppers by Tossha, the rest I will finance myself. Thanks a lot for those donations!

The rules:
  • Only Stadium mods are allowed
  • The mod needs to follow some kind of theme
  • It needs to contain at least 30 edited textures including the 5 mandatory textures listed above
  • A replay of min. 3min length needs to be provided
  • Already existing textures from other mods can be used. It needs to be mentioned in the description though.

I will start presenting mods in three weeks in a random order. The contest will end once the 100k coppers have been giving out. Happy modding everyone!


Anonymous said...

awesome !

Kryw said...

its better if you add a normal mapping and specular on every textures ;)

Anonymous said...

are 3 different textures?

Anonymous said...

nice one... good motivation for me to try my first mod...

great tutorials btw... but i got a question: what's the deadline? 3 weeks?

HawkGer said...

yes; StadiumCircuitD, StadiumCircuitN and StadiumCircuitS count as three different textures.

Regarding the question on the deadline: The contest will end once the 100k coppers have been given out. If not suddenly ppl will storm in with submissions for mods, you will have much more time than the three weeks to submit your mod.
I will start presenting the first mods in two weeks but you can submit your mod even past that date.

Buddha* said...

That's great... Actually I'm working on my first rpg-track, maybe I'll try something after that. :)

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