Modding Video Tutorials

When announcing the RPG community mod contest I wrote that I would be posting 80 minutes of video tutorials soon. It has taken a while to finish them up but here they are finally:

This 10min long video shows on which surfaces the textures are being displayed ingame:

The following video shows some examples of already existing textures (2 parts):

Part 2:

This video is the first part of a 44min long video tutorial showing basically all the steps necessary in order to properly edit textures and create a good-looking mod.
Make sure to have annotations activated, else you won't see my explanations.

Part 1: Acquiring textures and images, Preperations, Editing, Seamless Tiling

Part 2: Seamless Tiling, Blending Images, MIP map effect, Normal and Specular maps, Avoiding Shadow Bugs, Creating the zip-file

Part 3: Editing StadiumCircuitD, StadiumFabricD and FabricFloorD, Creating Alpha Channels

Part 4: Editing StadiumPlatformFloorD, StadiumRoadD and StadiumWarpAuvent2D, Advanced Alpha Channel editing

Part 5: Packing the mod, Testing

The following two videos show how to create batch-jobs with which you will only need to make a few mouseclicks to edit 100's of textures:

Part 2:

I hope I was able to provide you guys with a bit of insight and knowledge into environment modifications. I'm not really an expert on this field either - I only have created one proper mod so far - so in case there are errors I have made in those videos feel free to correct me =)


Anonymous said...

Would be nice with a little description of what the video will tell you about making mods, because someone may already know how to do something, and it would be easier to skip those parts :)

also i can't see the first video?

HawkGer said...

Thanks for pointing that out; I forgot to set the first video to public ;)
I realize I was a bit lazy with the descriptions, I will add some later for the 44min tutorial.

Anonymous said...

may i ask umm where did you get the textures ? :p

HawkGer said...

The textures in the videos all originate from Half Life 2 mods. Good overview:
Located their .vtf image-files and converted them into jpeg with the program VTFedit:

Of course you can extract textures from other games also..a bit more tricky sometimes though.
Extracted a few textures with this program:
Some supported games:

...and more and more sources on the internet, just gotta look at the right places ;)

Anonymous said...

Ty :)

Anonymous said...

Do you build your track with a mod. Or do you add the mod later?

Anonymous said...

Very elaborate (and useful) videos. Thx :)

popgun said...

Just wanted to pop in and say the videos are superb. With limited graphics skills I'd have struggled to finish my mod without these.
Thanks HawkGer. :)

Arriopolis said...

I don't really get the difference between Normal, Specular and Diffuse maps. I'd really appreciate if you would give an extra clarification about that.
Thanks a lot btw:)

HawkGer said...

Diffuse textures define in which color the object is shown. Normal textures define how depth is applied to the textures (artificial depth). And Specular textures define in which color the texture is going to shine.
For basic things you should read this:

Arriopolis said...

I already edited 6 textures, PlatformDSN and Circuit DSN, but when I try to test it, I can sometimes see another texture through an already edited texture. I think I'm doing something wrong with the Alpha Channel but I'm not sure. I only inserted an Alpha Channel in the Normal maps, is that okay?

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