New RPG's - week 10 and 11 [2010]

It has been a long time since we last showcased tracks on this blog - I will try to cover some RPG's of the past two weeks :-)

The Cydonia Incident
Just freshly released, this newest RPG from Sol666 is a sequel to his story track "Cydonia" and takes place on the mars to which one is send to repair an antimatter reator which caused the planet to drift into an asteroid belt. Like in his previous RPG tracks, sol666 makes heavy use of MT and 3D Skins which are incorporated into the story (i.e. an asteroid, a spaceship etc.). Very cleverly he also managed to mark invisible water with 3D skins and applied MipMapping on those skins, which looks fantastic in my opinion! The track uses the self-made Cydonia mod which sol666 updated to make it ready for the use on RPG tracks.
The route is more adventurous and longer than in sol's previous RPG's. It is still basic though and can thus be enjoyed by all players - meeting the expectations of drivers and story enthusiasts likewise.

TMX ID: 2477073
Difficulty: Intermediate
AT: 16:03.57
First-time length: 30-60 minutes

The energetic platforms:

The exit into space:

Factory Catacombs
This new RPG from Katodik was uploaded two days ago. As one can guess from the track's name it's location is aimed to resemble an old rusty factory. Like almost all of Katodik's tracks it has a custom made mod applied, the Rusty Factory mod. It gives a somewhat similar atmosphere like the Metal Stadium mod from .maX, has a much greater level of detail though. The track's design hasn't got many similarities to the RPG track Abandoned Factory, which one might have in mind when playing the track: the rooms are much more dense and small, blockmixing is used on the highest level (Abandoned Factory hasn't got a single mix^^).
Be sure to check out the track though and get your own impression!

TMX ID: 2475666
Difficulty: Advanced
AT: 13:57.78
First-time length: 40-70 minutes

Miner Tedd
This track is Teddy's third RPG-track, released on the 13th march. After a castle- and a forest-theme on his previous RPG's he now chose to try himself on a miner-theme, creating a very realistic mine-structure in the process. He achieved this mainly by keeping the track very open, creating hallways that lead to previous (already driven) sections, like shafts being connected to each other. Of course most of the action takes place under ground. The mod he used is, who could have guessed, the Manic Miner mod from Katodik. The track is very beginner-friendly and suited for people who like to search a little longer for the way ;)

TMX ID: 2462397
Difficulty: Beginner
AT: 08:29.86
First-time length: 30-60 minutes

A collapsed mine:

Scarbiec Imperium
This RPG from Jurek was released on the 6th March and follows the line of the classical styled RPG's. It uses the GMUltimate v2 mod, has a very beatiful temple structure with an atmospheric scenery and a lot of creative tricks which are partly accomplished through the use of very original mixing. If you like the classical adventure tracks, then this one is surely for you!

TMX ID: 2438356
Difficulty: Intermediate
AT: 16:01.15
First-time length: 40-80 minutes

As the last track I like to present Al-Zahrain, Stromek's newest track and also a temple-inspired RPG which was released almost two weeks ago. You take on the role of an archeologist and have to make your way into the tomb to find the treasure of Al-Zahrain. Not only will the tricks and the pathfinding make it hard for you to find this treasure, Stromek also implemented some traps with the help of MT. Custom 3d models are used to make the experience of falling for those traps even more exciting, along with some oversized models for the ambience. Whoever wanted to touch the sphinx in real life but couldn't do it, this track gives you the opportunity to try it out virtually now^^

TMX ID: 2433826
Difficulty: Advanced
AT: 14:36.28
First-time length: 50-80 minutes

The glorious view on the sphinx from the startsection:


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