GBXDump - An application to extract information of GBX files

GBXDump is a utility for Trackmania which reads the content of GBX files and displays them for the user. Potentially useful could this be in the field of RPG to check if all media files are properly linked with a locator. Now the media files won't have to be deleted locally anymore to see if they load ingame, the only thing to be done is to check if the url is specified in the gbx.
Here's the message from Electron which he posted in the RPG Forum:

Hi community,

I would like to introduce my MS-Windows utility GbxDump to you.
The tool indicates all interpretable contents of any GBX Challenge and Replay file.

Besides the usual track information, like times and scores, all external dependencies are indicated.
Especially RPG tracks contain many of such links to mods, pictures, sounds, etc. By means of GbxDump these can be inspect very fast and easy.

More details, a screenshot and the download link can be found on my website:


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