Introducing the RPG Forum


With decreasing activity on this blog I'm pleased to report that an offspring of this blog, which was developed by Tabasco and me, just opened it's doors: The RPG Forum

The forum is mainly seperated into two sections; one for sharing knowledge and the other for presenting your creations. Especially for the "creations"-section we are hoping to gain some momentum as it offers, unlike the RPG Blog, a free way to share your beloved creations which is accessable for everyone.

We also implemented a Projects & Beta subforum in which you can seek feedback on unfinished projects (beta tracks for example), find people who want to collaborate with you and propose completely new projects.

The RPG Blog work & Discussion subforum is where you can send in articles to be published on the RPG Blog, offer your help on updates or simply share your opinion of the RPG Blog.
At this point I would like to thank Nunquam and B1ts for offering their help on updating the tracktable, thx guys!

A very interesting feature, which is reserved for registered users only, is the Forum's Database.
This database supports direct linking of media files, meaning that you can use the sounds, images, signs etc. which you uploaded to the database as a locator in your track. The database comes with certain limitations, read the instructional post therefore.

...and many more things worth checking out. So why not register right now and say hello? :-)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a really good idea!!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

well wouldn't it be wiser to ask for a bigger rpg section in tm-forum/tm-creative..?
more people would then get known with that and less work for you, who has to control the whole site.

HawkGer said...

I doubt that any forum would have given us a special section for RPG...with the simple explanation that it would be unfair to other subgenres (e.g PF tracks). People would have complained why they won't get an extra section too...
Besides, I really enjoy the atmosphere of this blog and the forum...they kinda represent for me just how unique the RPG genre is. I mean which other trackstyle has an own forum and a blog dedicated to itself?..^^
Making RPG popular has never been our top priority. And if you think about it it's not really what we want anyway. For one it takes away the feeling of being part of something special and secondly it creates a lot of noise which can hinder development. So that also kinda takes away a reason for an official forum. Productive and friendly members will find their way to RPG without that anyway :)
Controlling the forum is no problem, we are having enough admins for that ;)

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