MoonBase Mod by Sol666 + Ra Mod by Stromek

Voting is closed, results at the end of the article !
I have been waiting a little longer than originally planned for the presentation of the first mods that were submitted for the RPG community mod contest and unfortunately, due to seemingly very little interest in this contest, the following two mods from Sol666 and Stromek will be the last ones I'm going to present. Thanks a lot you two for putting the effort into participating in this contest!

Author: Sol666
Mod download:

There are 149 modified textures, the following are taken from Lunar Cross:

Furthermore, I modified from the original Nadeo textures to create my StadiumRoad and StadiumFabric textures.

Author's description:
As I am a science-fiction fan, I like to build sci-fi themed mods. In this case, I updated one of my old mods (Lunar Cross) which originally contained only dirt textures.
This mod is meant to simulate a moon base, so I used a lot of (rusty) metal textures, basically with the colors grey and yellow. I changed the light settings to very bright light and a dark sky, as the moon has no atmosphere. In night and sunset mood, there is a decent mip map effect on the StadiumFabricL: light is white in the distance, yellow when you get closer. I'd recommend sunset or night mood to make use of the changed lightmaps.
As I also wanted to use this mod for dirt tracks, which are usually very open, it is designed for closed rooms as well as for open scenery. There should be a lot of possibilities to use it in sci-fi based RPG maps, especially the outside atmosphere is very authentic I think.

Author: Stromek
Mod download:
Textures modified: 131
Special texture: the dirt texture is real sand from the river Sázava

Author's description:
As you can see I tried to create a mod that it's atmosphere reminds forgotten Egyptian times, so you can find a lot of Egyptian symbols and letters. The mod is very colorful, containing also some transparent parts, which are a bit stained so you can see through them.
I also tried to apply more spectatulars maps for some textures, but the result is only visible with PC3 setting.
There is also different color of the sky and clouds in the Day mood.
Mod is primary designated for all temple-styled tracks, with many tombs, big rooms etc.


So at this point I would like to encourage you readers to examine the mod and then rate it based on your experience. Look at the description of the mod, watch the videos and maybe even try to build an RPG with it ingame.
Some things you could base the vote on: Uniqueness of the theme, quality of the textures, generated atmosphere, implementation in RPG tracks, integrity of the mod etc.
Voting is open till thursday (13.05.10). You can vote by leaving a comment on this acticle or sending a message to HawkGer. I only require your rating (from 0-10 points), your trackmania login (to prevent spam) and maybe a small personal comment if you like.
Thanks to everyone who participates :-)

  • MoonBase Mod (5 ratings): 9.1 points average
  • Ra Mod (8 ratings): 8.7 points average
Congrats to both for such high scores! Sol666 will receive 9.1k sooppers and Stromek 8.7k :-)


Anonymous said...

7.5 to the moonbase mod
I dont really know why i didnt figure out the right atmosphere this mod promised to give me, but i can't also say this is a bad mod, it's very complete and the textures are very good!

9.5 to the Ra mod
Contrariwise this mod gave me a perfect feeling, really enjojed every map where i tested your mod with the best atmosphere i've seen in these times. Anyway i disappointed the autor comment because i would see good for large rooms another kind of mods, the more clear ones like Kheops mod or the GMU, keeping the egyptian theme. While i see this mod better in a small-detailed rooms map wich maybe want to be very long.
Also the sky gives a magic atmosphere
Cant wait to see your map with it!
Maybe the best mod i've ever seen for an rpg map!

I'm sorry for my not-partecipation, well i have a mod in progress but couldnt finish it in time.


dope! said...

The Ra-Mod looks great 9/10!
Will release a Map with that mod soon ;)

Plastikas said...

9.3 for Ra mod :}

Anonymous said...

8 for moonbase, think it has a nice atmosphere
7 for ra, also has a nice atmosphere, but I really didn't like the green plants on the walls...

Anonymous said...

10 for the MoonBase Mod!
Just gr8, this Mod gives a Map a futuristic atmosphere!

Anonymous said...

For the other Mod i give 8.4... Also gr8, but the other one is a bit more special :)

Anonymous said...

10 P for moonbase gives the track a special secrets note :)

7 P for ra gives the track a nice atmosphere

HawkGer said...

Okay voting is closed now and results are posted, thanks to everyone who voted :)

Anonymous said...

Man, hate how you say it " not mutch intrest in this contest " I think there was, butt to make a good mod; you need a bitt of exp. before you can make somthing. Im not going make i shit mod, iff others look so mutch better. Comp must be good mods, so i think its because not many people had exp. so thats why there's not many people who singed up. (Btw sorry iff my english is bad, since i am not english).

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