HawkGer presents: 14 new RPG Mods

Seeing that my previous efforts to motivate the community to create new mods haven't resulted in much change and due to the fact that ideas for new mods flourished in my head, I felt very determined to create a bunch of mods myself.
In total I managed to create 14 distinctively different mods, ranging in themes from Ancient Civilisations to futuristic scenarios in space.
I recommend first watching this video which I put together, showing all the mods in an interesting and entertaining way:

You can download a 400mb .zip file including all the mods here: click!
Here are the individual downloads:

Ancient Maya mod
The Ancient Maya mod tries to resemble an atmosphere similar to that of the Mayan civilisations temple structures. The textures mostly consist of unstructured rock and brown ground pattern.
Locator links:

A Romanorum Superbia mod
A Romanorum Superbia (Latin for A Roman's pride) aims to portray Temple-like structures of the Roman culture with the help of solid rock textures and ornaments.
Locator links:

Imperial Palace mod
The Imperial Palace mod tries to illustrate and create the atmosphere of traditional Japanese/Chinese palaces.
Locator links:

The Pirate Bay mod
The Pirate Bay mod uses dark plank and rock textures with gold engravings to create a Pirate Bay atmosphere.
Locator links:

Terra India mod
Terra India is a mod using many tile-textures in very colorful variation to create the atmosphere of Indian architecture.
Locator links:

Western Fortress mod
Western Fortress mod aims to simulate the ambience of the American Old West. It uses slightly abstract plank textures in the colour brown. A very interesting texture is also the road textures, depicting a train road.
Locator links:

African Tribes mod
The African Tribes mod takes you into the world of the African Tribes, aiming to especially recreate the setting of their cottages.
Locator links:

Dark Art mod
The Dark Art mod brings you into the underground, where darkness and graffiti's are commonplace. This mod probably fits best in closed and dense rooms.
Locator links:

Construction mod
With the use of clean wood and metal textures the Construction mod tries to model the ambience of a construction site.
Locator links:

Nature's Paradise mod
The Nature's Paradise mod takes you into the natural world where leaves and trees are dominant. Advanced alpha channels imitating branches and leaves enhance this experience.
Locator links:

Arctic Breeze mod
Arctic Breeze uses a lot of transparent textures and strong FXclouds in combination with ice textures to create an Arctic ambience. Dense architecture with lots of transparent blocks probably creates the most realistic scenario.
Locator links:

Broken Hull mod
The Broken Hull mod simulates the atmosphere of a broken spaceship. It mainly consists of one texture which is used all over again. The PlatformFloor and Fabric texture create the appearance of Forcefields and the strong FXclouds enhance the damaged atmosphere.
Locator links:

Toon mod
Toon Mod depicts a very abstract atmosphere in cartoon-style. The textures mostly have colours in the range of brown and grey. Recommended for tracks with dense building, for larger rooms the atmosphere will appear unnatural.
Locator links:

Color Flash mod
Color Flash is a very abstract mod, consisting mostly only of basic colours and basic pattern. The Mipmap version uses even more colour variations and geometric structures. I do not necessarily recommend using that version as mipmaps tend to be displayed not very nicely in lower graphics.
Locator links:

Special thanks to Skeleton who gave me very useful information on the normal maps. Also thanks to Tecfan, Igntul and Hardarm for betatesting the mods!


Anonymous said...

14 new mods = lots of new rpgs ?

HawkGer said...

I sure hope so ^^

Nunquam said...

I can't create mods but I'll see if one goes well with my new project
very awesome job anyway :O

Nunquam said...

This Indian mod is so incrediblely awesome...

I'll make something with it :O

HawkGer said...

Now that's surprising. I thought that mod was one of the weakest of all the mods. But that's what we have different tastes for ^^

Anonymous said...

didnt test it but the indian screen looks epic ;)


ehh, amazing work I have to say again.
I wonder where you got your inspiration from... (acutally all mods are so different )

Nunquam said...

mate the indian mod goes perfectly well with what I had started, it looks so awesome now, the scenary semms to be so beautiful... Thank you :D
Hope I will be able to finish it before July :))))

HawkGer said...

Well glad to hear that nunquam, looking forward to the track. And in case you need modification of any specific textures just let me know (I didn't spend much time with that mod..).
Golo...thanks! And regarding your question, most of the inspiration I got was from half life 2 mods (yeah unusual^^) or just by looking at how already existing RPG tracks could have a better fitting mod.

Khor said...


Just awesome!

All this mods are perfect for make ppl fall in love with RPG type of maps.

Really good work Hawk!

I love the video too, sonic end is epic!

PD: Ppl, who isn't actually in love like me. :)

fish said...

u did a ver very nice job here Hawk", grats

steve said...

damn, i didn't know you used my track in the video

i feel proud of myself now

steve said...

svbg869, by the way

Anonymous said...

Hey can someone email me some tracks with these mods? the mods themselves are cool, but id like to to race on some tracks to see what its like, im not too good of a track builder and i thought somone could elp me?

Pål / Tecfan said...

Here are about 15-16 maps with these mods: http://www.trackmania-rpg.com/141-submissions-post-your-tmx-links-here.html

Tyroc said...

I like the African Tribes Mod, the Pirate Bay Mod and the Western Fortress Mod very much....i will definitely use one of them in my next RPG track.

MadDog said...

where do I do the files in?

MadDog said...

I have Windows7 please help my

MadDog said...

where do I move the downloaded files or folders in which they must? (I have windows 7).

MadDog said...

Ok I do not need more help.
Because of you so no help is expected.

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