Next Xaseco version to include support for really big times

As we've all noticed, Xaseco is by default limited to 139:48.60 minutes, but in our simple hack, we were able to raise this to 279 minutes. However, even this has proven to be too little. Today, Xymph, the developer of today's Xaseco, told us that it is possible to raise the limit even more.

Here is a quote from TM-forum:
But (unsigned) Int should be more than adequate, as that can go up to 2G/4G millisecs or 596/1193 hours.
I'll change the tables in the next Xaseco release then, just for you RPG nuts. :P

So there we have it, Xymph has confirmed that for the next Xaseco release, we RPG players never have to worry about time limits again, unless you're aiming for Dedimania.


Anonymous said...

and the CPs live ?

Pål / Tecfan said...

CP live is a plugin.

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